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David Squires sobre ... el segundo debut de Cristiano Ronaldo en el Manchester United

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Nuestro dibujante recuerda las celebraciones como ninguna, pero dos leyendas del Manchester United regresaron a Old Trafford

Odsonne Édouard’s debut double sees Crystal Palace sink 10-man Tottenham

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How Patrick Vieira must have savoured this victory. Six games into his tenure at Crystal Palace, a brilliant performance inspired by Wilfried Zaha ended Tottenham’s 100% start to the season and perhaps gave a glimpse ...

Censor review – a brilliantly adventurous horror debut

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This thrilling, dizzying debut from Welsh writer-director Prano Bailey-Bond is a nostalgic treat for anyone old enough to remember the infamous “video nasties” scare of the early 80s. Yet beneath the retro surface lie...

Revisión de Manchester Collective / Mahan Esfahani - debut de High Energy Proms

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En un año normal, el Manchester Collective probablemente se habría encontrado haciendo su debut en los Proms en una de las máquinas tragamonedas nocturnas, donde los programas más extravagantes suelen estar escondidos. Pero aqui estaban ...

Nico Ali Walsh wears gift from grandfather Muhammad Ali in debut win

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Nico Ali Walsh, the grandson of former heavyweight champion and boxing legend Muhammad Ali, defeated Jordan Weeks by technical knockout in his professional boxing debut on Saturday. Middleweight fighter Ali Walsh is t...

Gold Diggers by Sanjena Sathian review – a magical debut

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In a fictional Atlanta suburb that’s a “bubble of brownness”, young Neil Narayan wonders if, in post-9/11 Bush-era America, “there were other ways of being brown on offer”. He is not sure there are, not unless he can ...

Paul by Daisy Lafarge review – a beautifully observed debut

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Contrary to its title’s implication, there are three significant figures shaping the course of Daisy Lafarge’s debut novel. Besides Paul himself, a charismatic, self-taught anthropologist who runs a chaotic farm-strok...

Sport climbing’s Olympics debut sends viewers scrambling for more

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For most people watching the debut of sport climbing at the Tokyo Olympics, their knowledge of the sport was probably limited to glimpsing people hanging off ropes when picking the kids up from a birthday party at the...

Dave: We’re All Alone in This Together review – a rival to his classic debut

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En 2019, Dave’s Mercury prize- and Brit award-winning debut, Psychodrama, became a classic overnight; now it has a rival for introspection, operatic quality and wordplay. Tender piano arrangements, unadulterated story...

Sky Brown ready to wow the world at 13 on skateboarding’s Olympic debut

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In May last year, Sky Brown, the young skateboarding phenom, almost died when she fell 15ft onto her head while transitioning between vert ramps at a skate park in California. The horrifying impact fractured the 12-ye...

Other People’s Clothes by Calla Henkel review – a sparkling debut

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The treatment of female celebrities in the first decade of the century has been subject to much dissection – those who spent their teens watching it through the lenses of the paparazzi and the women’s magazine have co...

IOC praises weightlifter Laurel Hubbard before transgender athlete’s Olympic debut

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The International Olympic Committee has praised the weightlifter Laurel Hubbard’s “courage and tenacity” as she prepares to become the first transgender athlete to compete in an Olympics on Monday – with the IOC’s med...

End-to-same-end stuff as 3×3 basketball makes Olympic debut

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In the before times, when “urban cluster” was a phrase that meant something very different at the Tokyo Olympics, 3x3 basketball was poised to make some noise in its Games debut. It still did on Saturday – after all, ...

Collin Morikawa on course for greatness after Open victory on his debut

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One can only wonder what Collin Morikawa’s record may look like had he not appreciated the value of education. His arrival in the professional golfing ranks was delayed by four years as he completed a business adminis...

Nightbitch by Rachel Yoder review – a feral debut

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In the opening pages of Rachel Yoder’s debut novel, an anonymous middle-class mother in an anonymous American town finds a patch of coarse hair on the nape of her neck. She examines her teeth and finds them sharper, m...

Fintech firm Wise valued above £8bn on stock market debut

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Wise has made a strong stock market debut giving the international payments firm a valuation of more than £8bn, making it the largest-ever listing of a UK tech company and buoying London’s hopes of attracting more tec...

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