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Il video che mostra l'arresto dell'autista di autobus delle Figi riaccende il dibattito sull'uso eccessivo della forza da parte della polizia

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La polizia delle Figi ha sospeso un agente in attesa di un'indagine dopo che un video che mostra quello che sembrava essere l'uso eccessivo della forza contro un autista di autobus durante un arresto è stato ampiamente condiviso nel paese del Pacifico. La V...

Second leaders’ debate factcheck: the five biggest clangers in Morrison v Albanese

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The second leaders debate of the federal election quickly became bogged down in a slanging match of claim and counter-claim on Sunday night. Il primo ministro, Scott Morrison, and Labor leader, 'Straordinariamente irrispettoso', each...

Rivals face off in second leaders’ debate – as it happened

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Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese clash over cost of living and integrity in messy leaders’ debate

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Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese have bickered over electricity prices, national security and a federal integrity commission in a the second leaders’ debate of the election campaign. Ahead of early voting opening o...

‘Breakthrough moment’: how Lorraine Kelly helped shift the menopause debate

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Five years ago, Lorraine Kelly wanted to interview a famous woman about their experience of the menopause on her daytime TV show. Everyone she approached refused, so she decided to turn the tables and have a doctor in...

Election debate marks normalisation of far-right politics in France

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Throughout his forensic, if at times patronising, dismantling of Marine Le Pen’s arguments during their nearly three-hour live TV debate on Wednesday night, there was one term that Emmanuel Macron never employed: “far...

Marine Le Pen says she would ban the hijab during French presidential debate – video

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Marine Le Pen has said the hijab is 'a uniform imposed by Islamists' and should be banned in public during the televised French leadership debate. Macron says he would never ban signs of religious belief in public bec...

Macron and Le Pen go head-to-head in French presidential debate

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It was billed as a match between two presidential candidates – one who inspired fear and the other loathing. In the much-anticipated debate on Wednesday night, Marine Le Pen set out to show the French should not be af...

Italy puts 25C limit on air conditioning as energy debate rages

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Schools and other public buildings in Italy will be forbidden from setting their air conditioning to any setting lower than 25C from next month, under a scheme intended to help the country dodge an energy crisis exace...

Macron and Le Pen to face off in crucial live TV election debate

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Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will go head to head in a live TV debate on Wednesday night that could prove crucial in making up the minds of undecided voters four days before the French presidential runoff. The hi...

What does Republicans’ break from the presidential debate commission mean?

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One of the marquee moments of any US presidential election – the televised debate – has been thrown into doubt by the Republican party’s decision on Thursday to withdraw from the Commission on Presidential Debates. L...

Much ado about Doug: second gentleman takes spotlight at Shakespeare debate

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“I haven’t been in court for a few years, so excuse me if I’m a bit rusty,” said Doug Emhoff. "Sai, not too much has changed in my life – except for the Secret Service, Air Force Two, the selfies, the cameras fol...

Rip it up and start again? The great Cumbernauld town centre debate

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“Makes Chernobyl look like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.” “A concrete fungus.” “Could it not be carefully dismantled and reconstructed at the bottom of the North Sea?” This is some of the recent social media reactio...

California reparations decision sparks debate over who should qualify

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California’s reparations taskforce has recommended compensating the descendants of enslaved and free Black people who were in the US in the 19th century, bringing the state one step closer to becoming the first in the...

The Tinderbox review – a thoughtful contribution to the Israel/Palestine debate

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Gillian Mosely’s thoughtful movie about Israel/Palestine raises important issues and discusses the historical background going back to the British mandate after the first world war – it’s surprising how many British p...

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