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Live nuus van Australië nuus: 58 Covid deaths in Victoria and NSW; Peter Dutton warns of ‘bloody scenes’ if Russia invades Ukraine

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Peter Dutton warns against Russia invasion of Ukraine; Victoria rekords 29 Covid deaths and 14,836 nuwe sake; NSW rekords 29 deaths and 18,512 gevalle, with current restrictions to continue for another month; some exper...

Live nuus van Australië nuus: PM het gevra oor dubbele standaard oor Djokovic-bekommernisse teen vax; 23 Covid-sterftes in Victoria, NSW namate hospitaalgevalle styg

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Victoria berig 22,429 nuwe gevalle van Covid, ses sterftes en 1,229 mense in die hospitaal; NSW rekords 29,504 gevalle en 17 sterftes, met 2,776 mense in die hospitaal; Scott Morrison bespreek Novak Djokovic deportasie; Australies ...

Australië regstreekse nuusopdatering: ‘irrational’ not to weigh anti-vax impact of Djokovic deportation, lawyer says; 33 Covid deaths in Victoria and NSW

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Serbian tennis star’s views on vaccination central to federal court case; Queensland tsunami alert cancelled but NSW remains on alert; Victoria rekords 13 Covid-19 deaths and 28,128 nuwe sake; NSW rekords 20 deaths an...

NSW rekords 1,485 cases and three Covid deaths as Victoria premier laments ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’

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An infant and a young child are among 72 people in New South Wales on ventilators in intensive care units, as the premier warns case numbers in Australia’s most populous state still have a fortnight to rise. Gladys Be...