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Australia Covid updates live: NSW records 1,035 gevalle, Melbourne protesters arrested; Victoria records 628 cases and three deaths

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Arrests in Melbourne as protests enter third day; NSW records 1,035 local Covid-19 cases and five deaths; 23 new cases in New Zealand; 17 cases in ACT; Qld records one case; Victoria records 628 cases and one death; N...

Opdatering van nuus oor lewendige nuus in Australië: riot police in Melbourne as protesters head to parliament; NSW records 1,022 gevalle, 10 sterftes; Victoria records 603 gevalle, one death

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NSW cases back over 1,000 as kids allowed to meet in friend bubbles for school holidays; Tweed, Byron Bay and Kempsey LGAs to lockdown from 5pm; Qld records no new local cases; Victoria’s highest number of cases for t...

Australia Covid live news: Dan Andrews to give Victoria roadmap update; NSW reports 1,083 gevalle, 13 sterftes; restrictions to ease in western Sydney

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NSW records 1,083 cases and 13 sterftes; ACT records 17 nuwe sake; Victoria records 507 new cases and one death; Gladys Berejiklian announces restrictions to ease in western Sydney LGAs ‘of concern’ and NSW pools to reo...

Scientists investigate hundreds of guillemot deaths on UK coastline

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Several hundred seabirds have been found dead along the coasts of north-east England and Scotland, while many have been discovered emaciated. The UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), which is investigating the c...

Coronavirus live nuus: UK expert says it is sensible for 12- to 15-year-olds to get Covid jab; Russia reports 799 sterftes

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Prof Adam Finn warns of ‘very uncertain times’ in coming months; anti-lockdown protesters clash with police in Melbourne

Opdatering van nuus oor lewendige nuus in Australië: NSW reports 1,331 cases and six deaths; Victoria records 535 cases and one death as police move to block protests; ACT has 15 nuwe sake

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One new case in Queensland as Melbourne CBD turned into no-go zone and police prepare to disrupt protest planned in Sydney

Opdatering van nuus oor lewendige nuus in Australië: NSW announces home quarantine trial as 1,284 gevalle, 12 deaths recorded; Victoria berig 510 gevalle, one death

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Gladys Berejiklian announces NSW home quarantine trial as two people in their 20s die from Covid; Victoria records second-worst day of outbreak; ACT reaches 80% first dose milestone as 30 new cases recorded; one new C...

Government’s callous approach to Covid deaths

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I doubt whether your headline (Bring in measures soon or risk 7,000 daily Covid hospitalisations, Sage warns, 14 September) will make any difference to the callousness shown by the government towards those dying from ...

Early CT scans deliver huge fall in lung cancer deaths, study shows

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Screening smokers and ex-smokers could dramatically reduce deaths from lung cancer – Britain’s biggest cancer killer – a major new study has found. Low-dose computerised tomography (CT) scans can detect tumours in peo...

Australia Covid news live update: NSW records 1,599 cases and eight deaths; Victoria berig 450 infections and ACT 15

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Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk reports five new cases and flags possible lockdown

Fauci: 100,000 new Covid deaths in US ‘predictable but preventable’

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As many as 100,000 new Covid-19 deaths in the US by December is “predictable but preventable”, the leading US infectious diseases expert said on Sunday, as dozens of states reported rapidly increasing fatalities. Ami...

Production allowed to resume of cat food at centre of pet deaths inquiry

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A company whose cat food has been at the centre of an inquiry into a spate of cat deaths will be allowed to restart production, as an investigation found no evidence that its products caused an illness thought to have...

Qatar has failed to explain up to 70% of migrant worker deaths in past 10 years – Amnesty

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World Cup host Qatar has failed to investigate the deaths of thousands of migrant workers in the past decade, according to a new report by Amnesty International. The human rights organisation said the majority of migr...

UK Covid deaths average 100 a day with fears of rise when schools return

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Deaths from Covid-19 are now averaging 100 a day across the UK, according to official data, and scientists have warned that case rates will jump again when millions of pupils return to schools next week. The seven-day...

Iran coronavirus deaths set new daily record as curbs lifted

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Iran’s health ministry has reported more than 680 daily coronavirus deaths for the first time, as nationwide restrictions to contain the spread of the virus were lifted. The ministry said on Sunday the deaths of 684 p ...

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