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‘Funniest of them all’: tributes paid to Mort Sahl after death aged 94

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Tributes have been paid to the trailblazing standup comedian Mort Sahl after his death at the age of 94. The Canadian-born comic was credited with revolutionising American comedy in the 1950s thanks to his acerbic pol...

Sean Wainui: death of New Zealand rugby player treated as suspected suicide

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The death of New Zealand rugby union player Sean Wainui is being treated as a suspected suicide, according to a coroner. The 25-year-old, who played for Super Rugby team the Chiefs, Bay of Plenty and the Māori All Bla...

German court jails IS woman for Yazidi girl’s death in Iraq

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A Munich court has sentenced a German woman who allowed a young Yazidi girl to die of thirst to 10 years in prison after finding her guilty of supporting Islamic State militants in Iraq, aiding and abetting attempted ...

Death, addiction, grace: a year as chaplain in New York’s toughest hospital

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The patient, who I’ll call RL, was homeless and came into Bellevue’s psychiatric ward experiencing hallucinations. His struggle with severe mental illness was similar to many of the other homeless people I saw on my d...

Na David Amess se dood, beskaafdheid in die politiek is belangriker as ooit

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Dit was verfrissend om Alison McGovern se stuk te lees, maar ek vrees sy is amper te subtiel (“Politieke debat het grof geword. Ons LP’s kan die voortou neem om kalmte en respek te herstel.”, Lewer kommentaar). Hoe kan die parlement verwag dat die....

Right to give last rites should become law after Amess death, MP says

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Catholic priests’ right to give the last rites to the dying, including at crime scenes, should be enshrined in forthcoming legislation in the wake of the killing of David Amess, an MP has said. Labour’s Mike Kane has ...

‘The court of God will be waiting for him’: Iraqis react to Colin Powell’s death

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For many Iraqis, Colin Powell was the face of the US invasion which caused an estimated 200,000 sterftes, unleashing nearly two decades of domestic chaos and precipitating turmoil throughout the region. His death, by die ...

PM urged to enact ‘David’s law’ against social media abuse after Amess’s death

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Boris Johnson is facing calls to enact “David’s law” to crack down on social media abuse of public figures and end online anonymity in the wake of the killing of Sir David Amess. Dozens of MPs paid tribute in the Hous...

Na die verskriklike dood van David Amess, Hier is hoe ons ons demokrasie kan beskerm

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Na die gruwelike en sinnelose moord op David Amess Vrydag, groot hoeveelhede pyn het na vore gekom in ons gesin. Die parallelle is duidelik en dit het ons almal baie getref. Met Kim Leadbeater (Jo se suster) n ...

David Amess killing: MPs discuss security arrangements following death – as it happened

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Latest updates on the aftermath of the killing of the Conservative MP Sir David Amess on Friday

Elizabeth Strout: ‘I’ve thought about death every day since I was 10

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Three years ago, Elizabeth Strout was in New York sitting in on rehearsals for the stage version of her novel My Name Is Lucy Barton (a show that came to the Bridge theatre in London, directed by Richard Eyre) and was...

The Guardian view on Sir David Amess: a shocking political death

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The death of Sir David Amess, after allegedly being stabbed several times at his Essex constituency surgery on Friday, is shocking. This is the 10th time an MP has been killed or attacked since 1979. Only five years a...

Dit is wat die Covid -ondersoek u nie vertel het nie - arm wees was soos 'n doodsvonnis

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Dat die lewens van die armes as minderwaardig geag word, word so wyd verstaan ​​dat dit amper vervelig is om dit te sê. Tog het dit so passief aanvaar as wat dit onbewustelik erken word, 'n sleutelrol in ons Covi gespeel..

Man kry doodsvonnis vir eks-vrou se lewendige moord wat China geskok het

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'N Chinese man is ter dood veroordeel nadat 'n hof hom skuldig bevind het aan die moord op sy eksvrou terwyl sy verlede jaar op sosiale media uitgesaai het. Die tussengangerhof van die Aba Tibetaanse en Qiang -etnie ...

How my ivermectin research led to Twitter death threats

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The story of online threats and abuse is very dark. In early 2021, my research team was analysing a new drug called ivermectin. In the first clinical trials, this drug seemed to prevent new infections and improve surv...

Rich nations warned hogging Covid jabs will lead to huge global death toll

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Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide will die needlessly from Covid this autumn as wealthy nations prioritise booster shots for their own “highly protected” people instead of sharing doses, the head of the Oxford...

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