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After David Amess’ death, civility in politics is more vital than ever

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It was refreshing to read Alison McGovern’s piece, but I fear she is almost too subtle (“Political debate has coarsened. We MPs can take the lead in restoring calm and respect”, Comment). How can parliament expect the...

Right to give last rites should become law after Amess death, MP says

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Catholic priests’ right to give the last rites to the dying, including at crime scenes, should be enshrined in forthcoming legislation in the wake of the killing of David Amess, an MP has said. Labour’s Mike Kane has ...

‘The court of God will be waiting for him’: Iraqis react to Colin Powell’s death

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For many Iraqis, Colin Powell was the face of the US invasion which caused an estimated 200,000 deaths, unleashing nearly two decades of domestic chaos and precipitating turmoil throughout the region. His death, at th...

PM urged to enact ‘David’s law’ against social media abuse after Amess’s death

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Boris Johnson is facing calls to enact “David’s law” to crack down on social media abuse of public figures and end online anonymity in the wake of the killing of Sir David Amess. Dozens of MPs paid tribute in the Hous...

After David Amess’s horrific death, here’s how to protect our democracy

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After the horrific and senseless killing of David Amess on Friday, huge amounts of pain came to the surface in our family. The parallels are obvious and it has hit us all very hard. With Kim Leadbeater (Jo’s sister) n...

David Amess killing: MPs discuss security arrangements following death – as it happened

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Latest updates on the aftermath of the killing of the Conservative MP Sir David Amess on Friday

Elizabeth Strout: ‘I’ve thought about death every day since I was 10′

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Three years ago, Elizabeth Strout was in New York sitting in on rehearsals for the stage version of her novel My Name Is Lucy Barton (a show that came to the Bridge theatre in London, directed by Richard Eyre) and was...

The Guardian view on Sir David Amess: a shocking political death

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The death of Sir David Amess, after allegedly being stabbed several times at his Essex constituency surgery on Friday, is shocking. This is the 10th time an MP has been killed or attacked since 1979. Only five years a...

Here’s what the Covid inquiry didn’t tell you – being poor was like a death sentence

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That the lives of the poor are deemed to have less worth is so widely understood it feels almost trite to say it. Yet that it is as passively accepted as it is subconsciously acknowledged played a key role in our Covi...

Man given death sentence for ex-wife’s livestream murder that shocked China

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A Chinese man has been sentenced to death after a court found him guilty of killing his ex-wife while she was livestreaming on social media last year. The intermediate people’s court of the Aba Tibetan and Qiang ethni...

How my ivermectin research led to Twitter death threats

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The story of online threats and abuse is very dark. In early 2021, my research team was analysing a new drug called ivermectin. In the first clinical trials, this drug seemed to prevent new infections and improve surv...

Rich nations warned hogging Covid jabs will lead to huge global death toll

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Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide will die needlessly from Covid this autumn as wealthy nations prioritise booster shots for their own “highly protected” people instead of sharing doses, the head of the Oxford...

Sarah Everard’s death prompts men to join groups trying to halt male violence

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The murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa could mark a turning point in men taking responsibility for male violence against women and girls, experts have said. Groups led by men that work to end violence against f...

Poem of the week: Love and Death by Lord Byron

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Love and Death 1. I watched thee when the foe was at our side,Ready to strike at him – or thee and me,Were safety hopeless – rather than divideAught with one loved save love and liberty. 2. I watched thee on the brea...

Getting flu with Covid doubles risk of death, says UK health chief

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People who catch flu and Covid at the same time this winter are twice as likely to die than those who only have coronavirus, according to the UK Health Security Agency chief executive, Dr Jenny Harries. The former dep...

Russia reports record daily Covid death toll as Kremlin shrugs off new lockdown

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Russia has recorded a new record daily coronavirus death toll, continuing a persistent rise that has brought new records almost daily in October. The national coronavirus taskforce reported on Saturday that 968 people...

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