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Stoking fear and hatred held the Coalition in power – finally Australia had enough

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Preventing the future became the great cause of Coalition politics in this country under Tony Abbott. Social change? Stop it in its tracks. Climate change? Let coal burn. Tax reform? Keep propping up the prosperous. S...

David Sedaris on the death of his father: ‘I don’t think the coffin could have been any uglier’

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Ten days before my father died, he suffered a small stroke and fell. Or perhaps he fell and then had the stroke. De todas formas, it surprised me when people asked what was the cause of death. quiero decir, él era 98! Wasn’t tha...

There’s no chance of cutting bills while the private sector runs the UK energy market

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Our energy system is crucial to two of the biggest issues facing the British public: the cost of living crisis and the climate and environment emergency. Yet we are leaving this sector to be inefficiently and exploita...

David Squires on … boos and bangers as Liverpool win the FA Cup final

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Our cartoonist on Liverpool fans v the national anthem, another trophy for Jürgen Klopp, the Wagatha Christie case and more

David Tennant and Catherine Tate to return to Doctor Who in 2023

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David Tennant and Catherine Tate will return to Doctor Who for the show’s 60th anniversary celebrations, la BBC ha anunciado. The duo have reunited after 12 years to film scenes that are due to air next year. Tennan...

david sherborne: the ‘Wagatha Christie’ star lawyer with a celebrity following

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Perhaps the nearest a British courtroom has come to the famous last act of the film A Few Good Men – “I want the truth!” “You can’t handle the truth!” – was late one February afternoon at the 2012 Leveson inquiry into...

Spurs reaping reward after Antonio Conte’s night of high-stakes poker

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Antonio Conte can smile about it now but nobody was smiling then. Least of all him. The Tottenham manager is preparing for Sunday’s Premier League game at home to Burnley, when everything will be on the line for him a...

David Squires on … Manchester City’s popularity, ballboys and Roy’s revenge

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Our cartoonist on post-match nonsense, Pep Guardiola’s complaints, Roy Hodgson and difficult viewing for Erik ten Hag

Met police officer David Carrick charged with three more counts of rape

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The Metropolitan police officer David Carrick has been charged with three more counts of rape, bringing total charges against him to 44. The 47-year-old constable already faced 41 charges involving 11 presuntas víctimas,...

David Squires on … the Champions League semi-finals and truth torpedoes

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Our cartoonist on the remaining ties in the European Cup, yellow submarines, spooky Victorian ghosts and more

Playwright David Eldridge: ‘What’s important to me is to move people’

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David Eldridge is an acclaimed dramatist and screenwriter. Born in Romford, where his father was a shoemaker, his plays include Market Boy, In Basildon and an adaptation of Thomas Vinterberg’s film Festen. His new pla...

Americans believe nothing is getting better. Biden feeds that disillusionment

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“I’m going to become the Joker” is some of the internet’s most poignant shorthand. Referencing Todd Phillips’ dark 2019 film about the origins of the Batman villain, the phrase describes becoming so thoroughly disillu...

Liverpool have opponents in a chokehold thanks to obsessive Klopp

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“People might say I’m obsessed with the counter-press,” Jürgen Klopp began, going over the 4-0 Anfield win against Manchester United on the Tuesday before last, a game in which there had been so much to admire about h...

David Oluwale: blue plaque for victim of police racism stolen hours after unveiling

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Detectives have launched a hate crime investigation after a blue plaque commemorating David Oluwale, a British-Nigerian man who died in 1969 after being harassed by police, was stolen within hours after being unveiled...

David Squires sobre... El Manchester United nombra a Erik ten Hag como entrenador

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Nuestro dibujante revisa el último pararrayos humano en llegar a Old Trafford

Rehashing failed police claims about Hillsborough is not free speech. It is cruel and wrong

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For families of the 97 people unlawfully killed at Hillsborough it is yet another traumatic blow that the Bar Standards Board (BSB) has cleared Jonathan Goldberg QC of misconduct over his inflammatory little speeches ...

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