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Daughters of the Mangrove Nine: ‘That passion in our parents was instilled in us’

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Fifty years ago next month – on 16 dicembre 1971 – long before Black Lives Matter, taking the knee and the Windrush scandal, a group of black activists made headlines after a ruling at the Old Bailey, the court that h...

Mother charged with murdering her three daughters appears in New Zealand court

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A woman has appeared in court charged with murdering her three young daughters just weeks after the family arrived in New Zealand from South Africa. Lauren Anne Dickason appeared in court on Saturday morning in the po...

Leeds mother pleads for help with autistic daughter’s ballet school fees

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Before she was even accepted into one of the country’s most prestigious ballet schools, Constance Bailey’s audition immediately made her feel different. “Everyone else arrived in these really fancy cars – there were a...

Trevor Phillips recalls daughter’s funeral to stress anger at Matt Hancock

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The Sky News presenter Trevor Phillips has recalled the recent funeral of his daughter to highlight anger at Matt Hancock’s behaviour. Phillips, the former head of the Commission for Racial Equality who presents the c...

My daughter’s barbed comments hurt me. How should I respond?

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My daughter is in her 30s and leads an independent life with a demanding job, which gives her a lot of satisfaction. Her mother and I separated amicably 20 anni fa, and my daughter lived largely with her mother. How...

US father pleads against bill that would ban trans daughter’s right to play sports

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Brandon Boulware urged Missouri lawmakers to reject bill that would designate school athletic teams based on ‘biological sex’The father of a transgender girl has attracted millions of views with his moving plea to Mis...

Mother charged with deepfake plot against daughter’s cheerleading rivals

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A Pennsylvania woman has been accused of creating “deepfake” pictures of her daughter’s cheerleading rivals, doctoring photos and video in an attempt to get them kicked off the squad, i funzionari hanno detto. The Bucks county...