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I make my bisexuality clear to new dates. With most women, that disclosure signals the end

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I’m bi. Daar, I said it. I am bi. I like men. I like women. Sexually, romantically, emotionally, intellectually. Why do I feel I have to say it? Because people make assumptions about your sexuality based on the gende...

Elton John announces last-ever UK tour dates as he extends farewell

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In what is becoming one of the longest goodbyes in pop history, Elton John has extended his final Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour with a series of dates around the UK, Europe and North America. In Junie 2022, he will p...

Don’t drop ‘data, not dates’ approach, UK adviser warns as Covid cases surge

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The government appears to have abandoned its “data not dates” principle, an expert advising its coronavirus response has warned, adding that its reluctance to delay unlocking was leading to “contradictory” messaging. ...

Iran sets trial dates for dual nationals before nuclear deal talks in Vienna

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Iran has set trial dates for two dual nationals, one British-Iranian and the other German-Iranian, in cases that may increase the pressure before the next stage of talks on the future of the Iran nuclear deal in Vienn...