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‘You’re only as good as your players’: Darren Gough defends Joe Root’s record

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Darren Gough has defended Joe Root’s leadership after he stepped down after five years as England’s Test captain, insisting there was no one better who could have taken on the role. Root announced his resignation on F...

Joe Root backs Darren Gough to make impact at Yorkshire

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Darren Gough’s appointment as Yorkshire’s new director of cricket has been given the seal of approval by the England Test captain, Joe Root. The former fast bowler was on Monday confirmed as the county’s managing dire...

Darren Stevens has cult following but 45-year-old is still underappreciated

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Darren Drysdale receives four-match ban for clash with Ipswich’s Alan Judge

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The referee Darren Drysdale has been served with a retrospective four match suspension after he was found guilty of improper conduct when he “snarled” into the face of a player who had verbally abused him. The unprece...