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When Darkness Falls review – Guernsey’s ghosts leave you cowering in your seat

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A hefty storm is brewing outside a ramshackle office on the isle of Guernsey, carrying with it stories of ghosts and ghouls. Written by James Milton and Paul Morrissey, with localised stories of whispers in tunnels an...

The post-Trump supreme court: where hard-won rights die in darkness

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It began with a whimper, and ended in a bang. Last Tuesday night, as the clock struck midnight, a booming silence engulfed the US supreme court in Washington – and with it an extreme new anti-abortion law was allowed ...

Recensione di Love and Other Acts of Violence: momenti ipnotizzanti nell'oscurità

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Love and Other Acts of Violence è una creazione audacemente frastagliata. Inizia come una storia d'amore riconoscibile - una ragazza incontra un ragazzo a una festa rumorosa - ma diventa presto poco familiare: prima una storia d'amore sotto un non specificato, S...

La grande immagine: a brilliant spark amid the darkness

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Rinko Kawauchi began taking pictures of fireworks when she was living alone in Tokyo in 1997. Al tempo, she was spending her days working out what kind of photographer she wanted to be, a process she recalls as “ag...

The strange experience of theatregoing on the possible eve of darkness

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Until a few days ago, I had a diary rammed with first nights. This week was non-stop theatre every night: a sprint finish to the festive down-tooling. Wednesday evening was supposed to be the press night for Hex, Rufu...

‘The darkness of war’: Ukraine crisis dominates leaders’ Easter messages

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Boris Johnson has said the war in Ukraine amplifies Jesus Christ’s message of good triumphing over evil, with the nation’s independence dominating political and religious Easter messages on Sunday. Delivering his spee...

Into the Darkness review – a Danish family at war as the Nazis roll in

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Veteran film-maker Anders Refn has had top-billing as a director on a few films that aren’t terribly well known beyond his native Denmark. His reputation is mostly built on his long service as an editor with a very im...

In the darkness and dust: memorial recalls the hard history of British mining

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They toiled far underground in dark, cramped and dangerous conditions, emerging at the end of their shifts caked in coal dust and often gasping for air. Towns grew up around the collieries; boys followed their fathers...

Destiny review – captivating solo show stares down the darkness

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Destiny is preparing for a big Thursday night out in rural Wiltshire. She leads us to her local nightclub, Karma, where the drinks are 50p and the evening will ultimately go sour, setting her on a path of desperate lo...