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James Norton: 'Cerco di presentarmi come amichevole e le persone vedono qualcosa di più oscuro'

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James Norton’s latest film, Da nessuna parte speciale, ha una premessa così tragica che dovrebbe essere completamente infilmabile. Lui interpreta John, un padre single di 35 anni a cui vengono dati pochi mesi di vita, and has to find a new family for h...

Breakfast at Tiffany’s at 60: the sharp romcom that grows darker with age

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s was a sacred film in my household growing up. My mother’s VHS tape, fuzzily recorded off TV, was plastered in “do not tape over” warning labels, a defence I might have to explain to someone born...

‘Darker skies and colder weather provide perfect conditionsfor Covid-19 to thrive’

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Joe Buglass tried 46 times to call his GP about booking a Covid booster jab last Wednesday. “The phone was just ringing and ringing," Egli ha detto. He had tried several times over the previous six weeks, since getting an N...

Shady characters to light up your garden’s darker corners

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There’s a whole suite of perennials in sunset shades that are perfect for darker corners. They will thrive in dappled shade, and with a sunny exuberance you might not expect in such areas. This is not the restrained, ...