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Brighton’s Danielle Carter: ‘Those injuries are a massive part of my life’

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Danielle Carter is reflecting on the double ACL hell that ended her 11 years at Arsenal. “I would say it was life-changing,” the Brighton forward says. “Life-changing in the sense of it almost halted my career progres...

From Mary Shelley to Carmen Maria Machado, women have profoundly shaped horror

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You probably know the story of Lord Byron’s house party at Villa Diodati – the one in which he challenged his guests to see who could write the scariest ghost story. Teenage Mary Shelley won his challenge on infamy, ek....

French Open draw opens up as Serena Williams beats Danielle Collins

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Serena Williams is now the only top ten player left in the bottom half of the women’s Roland Garros draw, a scenario that in almost all other years would mark her as a clear title favourite, no questions asked. By 39 ...

Teen Vogue benoem Danielle Kwateng as nuwe uitvoerende redakteur

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Tydskrif het minder as 'n maand aangekondig nadat hy met Alexi McCammond geskei het oor anti-Asiatiese twiets. Teen Vogue het 'n nuwe hoofredakteur aangewys, minder as 'n maand nadat die geteisterde tydskrif van mekaar geskei het..