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Ida Rubinstein: The Final Act review – a passionate dancer’s drama

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Did you know Ravel’s Bolero was originally called Fandango? And it was written as a ballet commissioned by Ida Rubinstein, a dancer with the Ballets Russes, actor, patron, producer, nurse and apparently one-time nun. ...

Two professional Strictly dancers reported to have refused Covid jabs

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Two professional dancers on Strictly Come Dancing have reportedly refused to be vaccinated against Covid, causing complications before the show’s return on Saturday night. The BBC’s flagship dance contest will return ...

Why do I hate nightclubs? They are for beautiful people and good dancers only

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What’s the opposite of a bucket list? I have a fast-growing list of things I’m more than happy to live out my days without ever doing again. Top of this list is going to a nightclub. I will never go to a nightclub aga...

Creature review – dancers twitch and writhe as theatre comes back to life

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On the ground, a robotic mannequin, head bowed sadly, joints twitching. Next to it is a pair of twisted legs, ankles flexing back and forth. You can get a surprising amount of pathos from fibreglass and microchips, eso...

Los bailarines de Morris y el origen del blackface

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Es bueno ver que los bailarines de Morris han dejado de desmayarse (Los bailarines del Primero de Mayo cambian la pintura facial negra por azul por preocupaciones de racismo, 1 Mayo), but it’s a shame to read the tired old nonsense implying that it’s ...

Australian navy ship twerking video: dancers attack ABC, alleging ‘deceptive editing’

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The twerking dancing troupe who performed at the launch of the Australian navy’s newest ship have condemned the ABC claiming that the broadcaster’s video coverage of their performance contributed to the group feeling ...