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Facebook harms children and is damaging democracy, claims whistleblower

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Facebook puts “astronomical profits before people”, harms children and is destabilising democracies, a whistleblower has claimed in testimony to the US Congress. Frances Haugen said Facebook knew it steered young user...

Stephanie Grisham: Trump turncoat who may be most damaging yet

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Maandag, Stephanie Grisham will appear on Good Morning America. ABC is billing the interview as the former White House press secretary’s chance to “break her silence”. Donald Trump is unlikely to be watching. Grish...

It’s not Covid that’s damaging British trade. It’s Brexit

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Brexit is beginning to take its toll. Trade with the EU is suffering and foreign investment is heading south. Neither trend is temporary and both harm the government’s stated aim of “levelling up” regions that until n...

Damaging ‘fly-shooting’ fishing in Channel sparks concerns

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The UK has been accused of allowing a fleet of mainly EU “fly-shooting” fishing boats “unfettered access” to the Channel, without a proper assessment of the impact on fish populations, the seabed or the livelihoods of...

Britain risks damaging reputation by keeping Julian Assange in jail, says partner

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Britain would be on stronger ground campaigning against authoritarian regimes if it pressed the Biden administration to drop its call to extradite Julian Assange on espionage charges, Stella Moris, Assange’s partner, ...