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Man smashes ancient Greek artefacts worth $5m at Dallas museum, sê die polisie

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A man broke into the Dallas Museum of Art and caused more than $5m in damage, including smashing three ancient Greek artefacts before he was arrested, polisie gesê. Brian Hernandez, 21, is charged with criminal mischie...

Dallas shooting suspect harbored delusions about Asian people, sê die polisie

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Authorities in Dallas said on Tuesday the man suspected of opening fire in a hair salon in the city’s Koreatown and wounding three women of Asian descent harbored delusions about Asian people since having a car crash ...

Dallas police officer faces capital murder charges for 2017 killings

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A Dallas police officer was arrested Thursday on two counts of capital murder, more than a year and a half after a man told investigators that he kidnapped and killed two people at the officer’s instruction in 2017, a ...