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Back to Life series two review – Daisy Haggard’s comedy is near-perfect TV

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We pick up with thirtysomething ex-con Miri Matteson (played by Daisy Haggard, co-creator of this comedy-drama with Laura Solon) for the second series of Back to Life (BBC Three/iPlayer) just a few weeks on from when ...

Daisy Haggard: ‘I love getting older. I care less about what people think’

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I do all my writing in bed. Not due to decadence, but because it’s the place I can hide from my children most effectively. My recent Bafta nomination genuinely came as a huge shock. I assumed it was Breeders that had ...

Daisy Quokka: World’s Scariest Animal review – too cute for the competition

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Non-Australian readers may not be familiar with what a quokka is, so it’s worth searching on the internet for images of these incredibly cute, roughly-cat-sized marsupial-rodent mashups that seem, thanks to the random...

Paul by Daisy Lafarge review – a beautifully observed debut

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Contrary to its title’s implication, there are three significant figures shaping the course of Daisy Lafarge’s debut novel. Besides Paul himself, a charismatic, self-taught anthropologist who runs a chaotic farm-strok...

Paul by Daisy Lafarge review – a woman at a loss for words

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Daisy Lafarge’s debut novel – she’s also published a poetry collection with Granta – won a Betty Trask award, open to novelists under 35. Paul takes the reader inside the head of a young woman who keeps finding hersel...