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Czech president appoints new PM in ceremony behind glass

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The Czech president, Milos Zeman, has appointed the leader of a centre-right alliance, Petr Fiala, as prime minister in a ceremony he performed from a plexiglass cubicle after testing positive for Covid-19. Fiala lead...

Covid-toets bring die Tsjeggiese president ure na ontslag terug na die hospitaal

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Die na-verkiesingsdood in die Tsjeggiese Republiek is verder verleng nadat die land se president positief getoets het vir Covid-19 en ure nadat hy ontslaan is na die hospitaal teruggekeer 46 dae van lekkerte...

Czech parties agree coalition deal as president remains in hospital

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Czech centrist and centre-right parties reached an agreement on forming a majority coalition government and its key agenda, the chairman of the strongest party in the new coalition said. The five-party coalition face...

Czech politics in crisis as police called in over ill president’s aide

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The Czech Republic is facing a full-blown political crisis after the prime minister, Andrej Babiš, demanded the resignation of the chief aide to the country’s gravely ill president and police said they were investigat...

Czech hospital angered by unauthorised visit to see ailing president

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Police in the Czech Republic will stop unauthorised hospital visits to the country’s ailing president, Miloš Zeman, after doctors treating him in intensive care complained that a leading political figure had called on...

Czech president still in hospital as analysts ponder PM’s election defeat

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The populist Czech president remained in hospital on Monday as news sank in that Andrej Babiš, the billionaire prime minister, had suffered a shattering general election defeat days after the release of the Pandora pa...

Czech president in hospital after shock election defeat for PM

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The Czech Republic is facing political upheaval and a possible power vacuum after its billionaire prime minister, Andrej Babiš, suffered a surprise general election defeat and then saw his most powerful backer and sol...

Czech PM set to lose power after weak showing in general election

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Andrej Babiš, the Czech Republic’s billionaire prime minister, is close to losing power after his party and its coalition partners lost significant ground in a general election fought days after embarrassing revelatio...

Illegally sterilised Czech women to be offered compensation

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Women sterilised without their consent are to be offered compensation in the Czech Republic after President Miloš Zeman signed a bill into law this week. The women, most of whom were Roma, will be awarded 300,000 Cze...

Czech Republic v Denmark: Euro 2020 quarter-final – live!

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Czech Republic see shades of 1996 as they aim to emulate Poborsky and co

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This meant more than football. There was joy as the Czech Republic surprisingly beat the Netherlands 2-0 to reach the Euro 2020 quarter-finals but it arrived in a period of sadness for the country. Last Thursday, a to...

Tornado hits south-east Czech Republic, razing houses and injuring dozens – video

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A rare tornado has hit the south-east of the Czech Republic, razing houses and causing dozens of injuries. Winds hitting 267-322km/h were reported in the towns surrounding Hodonín. Villages were also hit by large hail...

Death of Romany man knelt on by Czech police must be ‘investigated urgently’

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Human rights organisations are leading calls for an urgent investigation into the death of a Czech man who died after being restrained by police, after footage of the incident went viral on social media. The neck rest...

Czech Republic v England: Euro 2020 - leef!

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Death of Romany man knelt on by Czech police compared to that of George Floyd

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Video footage of a police officer kneeling on the neck of a Romany man who later died in an ambulance is being shared among Czechs on social media, leading many to compare his treatment to that of George Floyd. The vi...

Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell out of England’s game against Czech Republic

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Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell have been ruled out of England’s match against the Czech Republic and could be unavailable for their last-16 tie at Euro 2020 after being forced to isolate for 10 days because of a convers...

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