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Syrian oil spill moving towards Cyprus appears to partially dissolve

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A large oil slick that had been working its way across the Mediterranean towards Cyprus, following a spill in Syria, appears to have partially dissolved although its next move will depend on currents. The spill, liken...

Cyprus prepares for Mediterranean oil spill from Syrian power plant

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Turkish Cypriot authorities have taken emergency action to stop an oil slick blamed on a faulty power plant in Syria from wreaking environmental havoc along some of the island’s finest unspoilt coastline. Officials in...

US joins condemnation of Turkish plan for Cyprus ‘ghost town’

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Turkey’s pledge to resettle an abandoned Greek town in northern Cyprus has been universally condemned, with Washington joining the EU and UK in calling the move “unacceptable”. The criticism grew within hours of Turke...

Erdoğan plan to unilaterally revive Cyprus ‘ghost town’ condemned by EU

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The EU’s foreign policy chief has criticised Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, for his statements while reopening the town of Varosha in Cyprus. On Tuesday the EU’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, said plans anno...

Unease in the air as Cyprus ‘ghost town’ rises from the ruins of war

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“Do you want to ride or walk?” asks Seyki Mindik. The municipal employee points under the fierce July sun towards the multicoloured bicycles stacked within view of the police barrier at the entrance to Varosha. “There...

Cyprus struggles with lack of UK tourists after years of record growth

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In the cavernous hall that hosts the humungous breakfast buffet at Limassol’s Four Seasons, Pam Vernon and Sue Sampson cut solitary figures. At this time of year, the hotel would usually be bursting at the seams with ...

Ciprus kan die goedkeuring van die EU-minimum plan vir korporatiewe belasting blokkeer

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Cyprus could veto the EU’s adoption of Joe Biden’s proposal of a global minimum corporate tax rate, die land se minister van finansies voorgestel het. 'N Voorstel van die Withuis van 'n 15% tax rate for multinationals applied to ...