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7-Eleven het sonder toestemming foto’s van sommige Australiese kliënte se gesigte geneem, privaatheid kommissaris reëls

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Die grootwinkelreus 7-Eleven het gesigsherkenningstegnologie wat gebruik word, uitgeskakel 700 van sy Australiese winkels terwyl kliënte terugvoeropnames ingevul het nadat die kommissaris van die privaatheid bevind het dat dit hul pos inmeng..

Omni Energy het winsgewende kliënte verander sonder uitdruklike toestemming

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'N Sukkelende verskaffer van huishoudelike energie het duisende onwinsgewende kliënte na mededingende ondernemings oorgeskakel sonder hul uitdruklike toestemming, in 'n klaarblyklike poging om finansiële ineenstorting te voorkom. Omni Energy het aan die kliënte aan die earl geskryf..

Utilities cut power to US customers while taking huge Covid tax credits

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When the pandemic hit in early 2020 and music studios around Detroit closed, Oliver Owens, a producer and entrepreneur, saw his income dwindle and bills grow. By late April, the single father of three faced $243 in el...

Petrol shortage: customers still panic-buying, says fuel retail boss

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Customers are still panic-buying petrol across the country with filling stations emptied within hours, the chair of the Petrol Retailers Association has said, as a Conservative MP urged the army to start deliveries to...

Octopus to take on failed Avro Energy’s 580,000 stranded customers

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Octopus Energy is taking on 580,000 customers left stranded when Avro Energy ceased trading last week, and is at the centre of speculation that it could bid for another player, Bulb Energy. As the UK gas crisis contin...

Groupon customers could be due cash refunds after UK watchdog warning

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Customers of the deals website Groupon who were told by the firm they had to accept a credit note could be due cash refunds after the UK’s competition watchdog ordered the company to improve the way it treats users or...

Simply Energy hit with $2.5m fine after sales contractors allegedly impersonated customers in scam

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An Australian energy company has been fined $2.5m after two external door-to-door sales agents allegedly used false names and made-up accents to switch customers to new contracts without their consent. The Victorian e...

Rude customers are a drag – but can we small business owners do more?

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We’ve been reading about the airline industry’s troubles with unruly passengers. Most of these problems are due to frustrations with wearing masks. But unfortunately, it’s not just the airlines that are experiencing r...

Meatless Farm gives customers chance to put money where their mouth is

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Plant-based burger and sausage maker Meatless Farm is giving its customers the chance to put their money where their mouth is and invest in the fast-growing company, which hopes to follow in the footsteps of runaway “...

Nationwide customers given chance to win up to £100,000 in monthly draw

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Nationwide building society is giving its members a one in 1,750 chance of winning a cash prize of up to £100,000 each month in a draw which it said demonstrated “the benefits of mutuality”. The UK’s largest building ...

Customers flock to UK pubs and restaurants as indoor dining resumes

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A rush to drink and eat out at British pubs and restaurants has led to a surge in spending since coronavirus rules were relaxed further on Monday, allowing indoor dining for the first time in months. According to data...

Football Index: how ‘stock market’ ended up costing customers millions

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“I know of people who have had to tell their partner they don’t have the deposit for their house move,” says David, who is helping to coordinate a support group for customers with money trapped in the failed betting p...

Virgin Money to help customers avoid ‘poverty premiumon energy bills

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A scheme to help low-income households avoid paying too much for their energy bills is being launched by Virgin Money, which has said it wants to ensure none of its customers are paying a “poverty premium” within 10 en ...

Football Index: customersmoney trapped after platform is suspended

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Football Index, the self-styled “football stock market”, appeared to be heading into administration on Thursday evening, five days after a massive crash on its market that left its customers with tens of millions of p...

Football Index customers furious as terms alterations spark market crash

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Thousands of customers with money trapped in Football Index, the self-styled “stock market of football”, have reacted with fury to significant changes to the site’s terms and conditions, which prompted the latest in a...