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AJ and Curtis Pritchard: ‘Whatever happens on his side of the door stays on his side of the door’

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Born in Stoke-on-Trent, AJ and Curtis Pritchard have established themselves as the hard-grafting good guys of reality TV. Spending much of their childhood and teens working as professional dancers and representing Bri...

Curtis Campher grabs four wickets in four balls as Ireland thrash Netherlands

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Ireland’s Curtis Campher became only the third player in history to take four wickets in four balls during a Twenty20 international to help his team to a seven-wicket World Cup stroll against the Netherlands. Campher’...

Curtis Jones proved in Porto he can be the real deal for Liverpool

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Sérgio Conceição led Porto on a lap of apology around an almost deserted Estádio do Dragão after their latest humbling by Liverpool and did not hold back when the inquest opened. “The five goals we conceded are the ki...

The trillions in our pension pots could be key to tackling the climate crisis

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Someone said something really striking to me the other day – that weather used to be the last thing on the news, but now it’s the first. And it’s not good news. Fire, floods, drought – climate change in terrible and o...

Rumores de transferencia de fútbol: Damsgaard to Liverpool? Curtis Jones to Villa?

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While transfer deadline day ends at 11.30pm on Tuesday, Real Madrid prefer to march to the beat of their own drum and haver decided that Paris Saint-Germain have until close of play today to accept their baffling £163...

George Curtis, Coventry defender and FA Cup-winning coach, muere envejecido 82

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Coventry are mourning one of the men who helped mastermind their 1987 FA Cup triumph after the death of George Curtis at the age of 82. Nicknamed “Iron Man” in his playing days, Curtis made 543 appearances for Coventr...

Curtis Sittenfeld on American Wife: ‘I thought Democrats wouldn’t read it because it was about a Republican’

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I was in the shower, washing my hair. Era julio 2006, and I was on holiday in Massachusetts, visiting family. In my regular life, I lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where my boyfriend was finishing graduate scho...

Curtis Sittenfeld: ‘People misunderstood the sex scenes in Rodham’

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Curtis Sittenfeld, 45, is the author of two short story collections and six novels, including Prep, su 2005 debut about a teenage girl at boarding school, and American Wife, narrated by a White House first lady, base...