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Curse of Asos strikes again as profit forecast and share price tumble

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So much for the idea that lockdown shopping habits had permanently propelled the profits of online specialists into a new stratosphere. Asos, after a knockout year of £194m of pre-exceptional profits, says it will fal...

Curse of Mayo strikes again as Tyrone take All-Ireland Gaelic football title

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The myth of Mayo’s curse remains intact after Tyrone clinched the All-Ireland football championship title. Hopes of County Mayo winning their first title since 1951 were dashed yesterday when they lost to Tyrone. Mayo...

Is deep-sea mining a cure for the climate crisis or a curse?

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In a display cabinet in the recently opened Our Broken Planet exhibition in London’s Natural History Museum, curators have placed a small nugget of dark material covered with faint indentations. The blackened lump cou...

Curse of the Batsuit: why Val Kilmer found it hard to measure up

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It’s hardly surprising that two men who have played Batman on the big screen, Val Kilmer and Michael Keaton, should have such wildly different memories of pulling on the character’s cape and cowl. Kilmer, who starred ...

ITV’s England ‘curse’ lifted but BBC will dominate Euro 2020 finale

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When Sam Matterface finished ITV’s commentary on England’s historic Euro 2020 victory over Denmark, he concluded with a plea to viewers asking them to stick with the commercial channel for Sunday night’s final on the ...

Mining in the Pacific: a blessing and a curse

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Mining is big business in the Pacific. Guardian analysis of trade data can reveal that each year nearly 11m tonnes of fuel and oil (the equivalent of 1100 Eiffel towers) are extracted from the region, 2m tonnes of co...

Curse of Ever Given strikes Sussex port as another cargo ship goes aground

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Located in a small seaside resort on the south coast of England, the harbour of Littlehampton rarely attracts comparisons to major international shipping routes. But an incident early on Tuesday in the West Sussex tow...

Manchester City march on, Black Cats lift Wembley curse – Football Weekly

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Max Rushden è affiancato da Barry Glendenning, Barney Ronay and Jonathan Wilson to discuss the Champions League and the Papa John’s Trophy How to listen to podcasts: tutto quello che devi sapere

Jealousy is a curse, turkeys are just big chickens … what Guardian readers learned from their mums

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My mum used to tell me that the best way to make friends was to find a hobby. She said it’s the easiest and simplest way to find people who will become lifelong friends – and she was right. Two weeks before lockdown i...