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Record Covid fatalities as Russia prepares for nationwide curbs

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Russia reported a record 1,075 Covid deaths in 24 hours on Saturday as Europe’s hardest-hit country with dramatically low vaccination rates prepares for nationwide curbs from next week. Despite a number of pleas from ...

Covid travel curbs could cost London £6.6bn in overseas tourism

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London will bear the brunt of an £11bn drop in revenue from overseas tourists resulting from the government’s continued tough restrictions on travel to England, according to research. The Centre for Economic & Bus...

UK minister seeks to calm row over France Covid travel curbs

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A British cabinet minister has sought to dampen down a growing diplomatic row with France over the imposition of tougher international restrictions on millions of travellers owing to the threat of the Beta variant of ...

Coronavirus live nuus: South Korea tightens curbs again amid record cases; interest in Tokyo Olympics ‘muted’

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South Korea reports 1,615 new cases as distancing rules tightened for most of country; Japanese among most uninterested in Olympics

The Guardian view on Covid curbs ending: Tory MPs are happy; many Britons are not

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Boris Johnson, claimed his former chief adviser Dominic Cummings, lurched between policies “like a shopping trolley smashing from one side of the aisle to the other”. Mr Cummings has an axe to grind with his old boss,...

Texas Democrats planning to flee the state to thwart voting curbs law

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Texas Democrats plan to flee the state as part of an all-out effort to block Republicans from passing new restrictions on voting in the state. The move, first reported by NBC News, escalates one of the most high-stake...

Europe’s rights tsar urges MPs and peers to oppose protest curbs

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A proposed new law that could impose time and noise limits on protests in England and Wales would seriously harm freedom of expression and should be rejected by parliamentarians, Europe’s human rights commissioner has...

Angela Merkel and PM to discuss Covid travel curbs during final UK visit

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Boris Johnson is to welcome Angela Merkel to Chequers on Friday, with coronavirus travel restrictions anticipated to be high on the agenda for their meeting.The German chancellor, who is making her final visit to the ...

Europe pins hopes on vaccine campaigns as Covid curbs relaxed

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European leaders are lifting restrictions across a lockdown-weary bloc as they take what Italy’s prime minister, Mario Draghi, has admitted is a “calculated risk” that accelerating vaccination campaigns will keep stub...

Coronavirus live nuus: England relaxes lockdown as Merkel urges German states to tighten curbs

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Outdoor group socialising allowed from Monday in England; Merkel presses German states to get tough with Covid curbs; Dr Birx says earlier action would have mitigated US deaths

Tokyo Olympic torch relay begins as sign of hope in Japan amid Covid curbs

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Torchbearers ran through sparsely populated streets in Fukushima as large crowds and cheering were discouraged due to the pandemicThe official countdown to the postponed Tokyo 2020 Games has begun as the first group o...

Tory MPs warn Johnson not to extend Covid curbs

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Boris Johnson faces mounting pressure from senior Tories to resist attempts to extend the blanket ban on overseas travel or delay the loosening of UK restrictions, amid new warnings over rising Covid cases in Europe. ...

Is the Sarah Everard vigil ban part of creeping curbs on the right to protest?

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Organisers of a vigil for Sarah Everard are seeking a court order to assert their right to protest after the Metropolitan police reversed its position on allowing the event to go ahead. The possible challenge comes at...

Angus Steakhouse seeks help from landlords as Covid curbs threaten future

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Angus Steakhouse, the chain of restaurants beloved of London tourists, is asking its landlords for help as Covid lockdown closures threaten its future. The company, part of the Gateshead-based leisure group Noble Orga...

Optimizing for outrage: ex-Obama digital chief urges curbs on big tech

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A former digital strategist for Barack Obama has demanded an end to big tech’s profit-driven optimization of outrage and called for regulators to curb online disinformation and division. Michael Slaby – author of a n...