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Dominic Cummings criticised for failure to seek approval over paid-for blog

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Dominic Cummings has been criticised by a watchdog for failing to seek approval before setting up his paid-for blog, which he uses to make revelations about his time as the prime minister’s chief adviser. Cummings, wh...

Want to read Dominic Cummings’ innermost thoughts? That’s going to cost you

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Once upon a time, Dominic Cummings had a blog and a very interesting one it was too. Now, he has a different kind of blog, which takes the form of a Substack newsletter. This comes in two flavours: one is free; the ot...

Vote Leave chief awarded £580k Covid deal after call from Dominic Cummings

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Dominic Cummings personally called a former colleague on the Vote Leave Brexit campaign and asked if his company would work for the government on its response to the Covid pandemic, leading to the award of a £580,000 ...

Two years after winning with Dominic Cummings, Johnson looks rudderless

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Two years ago Dominic Cummings became the most powerful man in Downing Street – perhaps apart from the prime minister himself. And this week he marked that anniversary with what one former colleague described as a “ji...

Cummings condemns England’s political ‘duffers’. But our problems are structural

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Dominic Cummings’ latest utterances should not be treated as revelations, but rather as corroborating evidence of what should, in a functioning democracy, be treated as Britain’s gravest peacetime scandal. A prime min...

UK to set out new Northern Ireland protocol plan after Cummings admits Brexit could be mistake – live

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Latest updates: Lord Frost, the Brexit minister, and Brandon Lewis, the Northern Ireland secretary, to outline proposed changes to international treaty PM signed only last year

Dominic Cummings pulls back the curtain and declares his genius

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Dominic Cummings had clearly given his interview with Laura Kuenssberg some careful consideration, because he was dressed in recognisable clothes rather than his normal sartorial enquiry, “what would happen if Anya Hi...

Boris Johnson’s aides plotted to oust him as PM, Dominic Cummings claims

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Boris Johnson’s closest aides decided he was unfit to be prime minister within weeks of his 2019 election victory and began plotting to oust him, Dominic Cummings has claimed. In his first TV interview since quitting ...

Dominic Cummings tells BBC Johnson denied Covid would overwhelm NHS

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Boris Johnson denied the NHS would be overwhelmed and said he was not prepared to lock down the country to save people in their 80s, texting his adviser “get Covid and live longer,” according to new WhatsApp messages ...

Dominic Cummings tells BBC PM denied Covid would overwhelm NHS

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Boris Johnson denied the NHS would be overwhelmed and said he was not prepared to lock down the country to save people in their 80s, texting his adviser “get Covid and live longer,” according to new WhatsApp messages ...

Alan Cumming’s treasured objects: ‘It seems cumbersome and profligate but it works’

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Alan Cumming is, by his own description, a man with his “finger in a lot of pies”. His three-decade career has spanned film, theatre, music, writing and activism. He has acted for Stanley Kubrick, duetted with Liza Mi...

PM said test and trace would be ‘like whistling in the dark’, says Cummings

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Boris Johnson believed the national test-and-trace system was “like whistling in the dark” and that the UK was on course to achieve the “double distinction of being the European country with the most fatalities and th...

A few good tweets: is that really all it will take for us to forgive Dominic Cummings?

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Just thinking back on the bizarre fever dream of last summer, when Dominic Cummings drove to Barnard Castle and became the most hated man in Britain. Remember that? When he did the little press conference over a trest...

Cummings texts show Boris Johnson calling Matt Hancock ‘totally hopeless’

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Boris Johnson described Matt Hancock as “totally fucking hopeless” during the early stages of the pandemic, concerned by the health secretary’s testing promises, new text messages published by Dominic Cummings have re...

Dominic Cummings promises No 10 revelations in paid-for newsletter

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Dominic Cummings is planning to publish a paid-for newsletter in which subscribers can learn about his time inside Downing Street. Boris Johnson’s former top aide has launched a profile on Substack, a platform that al...

MPs demand proof of Hancock claims from Dominic Cummings

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MPs have written to Dominic Cummings demanding that he provide proof for a number of serious allegations against the health secretary, Matt Hancock, who will face a parliamentary inquiry on Thursday. Cummings, who lef...

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