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Cumbria coalmine would hit global decarbonisation efforts, la investigación escucha

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Approving a new deep coalmine in Cumbria would stifle international efforts to decarbonise industry and could produce a chain-reaction effect boosting prospective overseas mining projects, the public inquiry into the ...

Missing boy, 14, may be trying to travel to the Alps from Cumbria

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A 14-year-old boy missing from home in Cumbria may be trying to reach the Alps after struggling with his mental health during lockdown, his parents have said. Leven Sopwith-Nicholson has not been seen since Saturday n...

Cumbria coalmine firm ‘betting on UK breach of climate targets’

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The company seeking to open the UK’s first new deep coalmine in 30 years is gambling on the UK’s and EU’s failure to address climate change, the public inquiry into the mining plans has heard. An expert witness for on...

Three injured after incident on festival ride in Cumbria

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A woman was in a critical condition and two others were also injured after an incident involving a ride at a festival in Cumbria. Emergency services were called to the scene in Cavendish Park, Barrow, at 8.30pm on Sat...

Henrock, Bowness, Cumbria: "Me voló la cabeza" - reseña del restaurante

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Comer en el distrito de los lagos, que hago mucho, siempre implica un cierto nivel de lucha. Los problemas de personal y los breves horarios de apertura son normales, mientras todo lo delicioso, los lugares con precios razonables se reservan hasta seis meses..

Cumbria mine: what will the public inquiry look at?

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A public inquiry is to be held into plans for the UK’s first new deep coalmine in decades after the communities secretary “called in” the decision on the project, taking it out of the hands of local government.Facing ...

Green jobs in Cumbria could far surpass posts in coalmine, report says

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Más que 9,000 green jobs could be created in Cumbria, according to a report, far more than the 500 jobs promised by a planned coalmine in the county. The report was published the day after the communities secretary ...

Sesión informativa del viernes: Coal hold – minister pauses Cumbria mine

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A controversial coalmine planned for Cumbria appears to have been put on hold with the local government secretary, Robert jenrick, taking responsibility for the scheme away from the local authority and putting it to a...