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Johnny Depp says ‘no one safe’ from cancel culture as he accepts lifetime achievement award

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Nobody is safe from the “instant rush to judgment” handed out by today’s cancel culture, Hollywood star Johnny Depp said Wednesday at a Spanish film festival where he accepted a lifetime achievement award. Depp, who l...

Keep left: plan to direct Adelaide pedestrians to stay in their lane sparks unexpected culture war

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All Anne Moran wants is a civilised city where people politely stick to the left on the footpath. The Adelaide councillor is tired of cyclists, scooters, smartphone zombies and meanderers ricocheting off each other, c...

Johnson’s reshuffle rewards Brexiters, culture warriors and key fixers

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Boris Johnson’s cabinet reshuffle has included the promotion of culture warriors, more rightwingers and a string of his Brexiter “mates”, but his supporters claim the shake-up was more about getting key fixers in plac...

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Mexico activists celebrate abortion ruling as a sign of culture change

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Activists in Mexico have hailed a supreme court decision to decriminalize abortion, saying it would stop the legal prosecution of women who terminate their pregnancies – and those reported to the authorities after suf...

Snakes, spirits and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry: São Paulo Biennial makes defiant stand in Brazil’s culture wars

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When fire devastated the National Museum in Brazil in 2018, one of the few objects to be found intact among the smouldering ruins was the St Luisa meteorite. While the Rio de Janeiro museum is still being rebuilt, la...

Black Love review – singing siblings’ glorious ode to Black culture

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Black Love, the first musical to be created for Paines Plough’s intimate Roundabout stage, is a lesson in the complexities of family relationships. Aurora and Orion are brother and sister, living in a small London fla...

Masks off: how US school boards became ‘perfect battlegrounds’ for vicious culture wars

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Rina Gallien doesn’t consider herself political, but when the 41-year-old mother of four heard that parents who oppose mask mandates in schools were organizing to attend the 12 August meeting of the St Tammany Parish ...

Scotland’s new makar Kathleen Jamie: ‘Poetry is at the heart of our culture’

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Kathleen Jamie’s tenure as makar – Scotland’s national poet – is already a work in progress. When the 59-year-old was formally welcomed to the role last Wednesday by first minister Nicola Sturgeon, she told reporters ...

Record 20 places vie to succeed Coventry as UK city of culture

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Un registro 20 places in the UK have put in bids to be the next city of culture. Wolverhampton in England, Stirling in Scotland, Conwy county in Wales and a joint application from Armagh city, Banbridge and Craigavon in ...

The Plymouth attack and misogynist ‘incel’ culture – podcast

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The man who killed five people in south-west England last week was part of a hateful online community of men who blame women for their status as ‘involuntary celibates’. Did that contribute to his violence – and does ...

Rightwing culture warriors do not define Britishness

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Kojo Koram provides a useful corrective to the common, narrow perception of culture he describes (Here’s what the right gets wrong about culture: it’s not a monument, but a living thing, 16 agosto), but the “fossilise...

Here’s what the right gets wrong about culture: it’s not fixed, it’s a living thing

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The culture war, much like the war on drugs or the war on terror, is a metaphorical state that seems fated to go on for ever. The left blames the right for instigating a cynical distraction from its economic and publi...

For rightwing culture warriors, to shed light on past conflict is to insult our history

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The problem with dishonesty is that you have to remember your most recent falsehoods to at least try to keep your story straight. In their pantomime “war against woke”, the UK’s statue defenders are incapable of remem...

Britain’s imperial history deserves better than petty culture wars

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Newcastle city council’s decision to add two plaques to its memorial to the Boer war of 1899-1902 has triggered a feverish reaction. One plaque will contextualise the colonial history of the war; the other will reflec...

Martial arts masters to pizza-guzzling turtles: the best ninjas in pop culture

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The shrouded history of ninjas dates back to feudal Japan but these martial arts masters became an unavoidable pop culture craze in the 1980s. los 1982 GI Joe action figure line included breakout character Snake Eyes,...

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