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Bang bang: how to save a tired cucumber – recipe

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When we opened Poco in 2011, we made a pledge that our restaurant would produce no waste. Our goal was to eliminate single-use plastic entirely, and to recycle and compost everything. We started by listing all the foo...

From cucumber soup to ice-cream: summer recipes from Skye Gyngell

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There is a loving, odd-couple element to chef Skye Gyngell and her grower Jane Scotter. Theirs is a cook-farmer relationship, more commonly seen in California with, sê, Chez Panisse or David Kinch’s Manresa restauran...

I miss office gossip, so Robert De Niro and his cucumber will have to do for now

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Recently I learned that Robert De Niro will only drink martinis if they’re garnished with English cucumber, and he goes to great lengths to check its provenance. I don’t have concrete evidence of this, just as I can’t...