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Diego Maradona: Mujer cubana alega que futbolista la violó cuando era 16

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Mavys Álvarez, una mujer cubana que tuvo una relación con el fallecido futbolista Diego Maradona hace dos décadas, ha denunciado que el jugador argentino la violó cuando era una adolescente y "le robó la infancia". Álvarez, ahora ...

Cuban scientists say ‘Havana Syndrome’ theories ‘violate laws of physics’

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Cuba has issued its most detailed report to date from prominent local scientists criticizing allegations that US and Canadian diplomats were subject to mysterious attacks while posted on the island and developed healt...

Five Cuban generals dead in recent days – is the Covid spike to blame?

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Five mostly elderly and retired Cuban military generals have died in recent days in mysterious circumstances, the country’s communist regime has confirmed, adding intrigue to a new round of freedom protests taking pla...

Cuban leftists begin to turn their fire on the ‘harmful practices of the state’

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Luis Emilio Aybar is a voice from the left, which in Cuba means pretty far left. By any measure, he should be a stalwart defender of the island’s communist regime. After widespread public protests that two weeks ago r...

US sanctions Cuban security chief and special forces over crackdown on protests

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The US has imposed sanctions on a Cuban security minister and an interior ministry special forces unit for alleged human rights abuses in a crackdown on anti-government protests this month. The move marked the first c...

High-profile Cuban musicians show rare public support to protesters

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High-profile Cuban musicians from salsa band Los Van Van and jazz pianist Chucho Valdés to pop star Leoni Torres have offered rare public support to protesters and criticized Communist authorities’ handling of the wor...

Cuban president claims protests part of US plot to ‘fracture’ Communist party

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The Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, has attacked the “shameful delinquents” he claimed were trying to “fracture” his country’s communist revolution after the Caribbean island witnessed its largest anti-government ...