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Customs IT meltdown adds to long delays at Channel crossings

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UK customs officials are battling to resolve an outage in a key post-Brexit IT system, with drivers complaining that the malfunction is adding to long delays for freight traffic trying to cross the Channel. A surge in...

UK set to criminalise illicit refugee crossings after ministers avoid Commons rebellion

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The UK appears set to criminalise illicit refugee crossings and could ship asylum seekers for processing in other countries after ministers easily saw off a potential rebellion in the Commons over the controversial bo...

Experts raise doubts over plan for Royal Navy to control Channel crossings

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The credibility of the government’s plan to put the Royal Navy in charge of coordinating efforts to control small boats in the Channel is expected to be questioned by an influential parliamentary committee. A report b...

Priti Patel says Macron ‘absolutely wrong’ over Channel crossings

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Priti Patel, il ministro degli interni, has said Emmanuel Macron is wrong to say the UK’s immigration policy is encouraging people to risk their lives crossing the Channel from France. In a further escalation of the row betw...

France to push for EU-wide UK migration treaty over Channel crossings

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France will press the EU to negotiate an asylum and migration treaty with the UK in an attempt to deter people from making the dangerous Channel crossing. The French government, which last week took up the six-month r...

Shipwrecked refugee crossings leave 164 dead in Mediterranean, La privatizzazione degli autobus nel Regno Unito ha causato povertà e perdita di posti di lavoro

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Più di 160 people drowned in two separate shipwrecks off the coast of Libya in the past week, a UN migration official has said. The fatalities were the latest disasters in the Mediterranean Sea involving refugees s...

There is no ‘solution’ to Channel crossings – there is only a humane response

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Politicians need an answer to every problem, even when there isn’t one. Pretending to be omniscient and omnipotent is in the job description – though the result is that public trust leaches away, since some problems d...

Channel crossings are an English issue, says French minister

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Senior French ministers have accused the UK of operating a labour market akin to slavery and called on London to open safe routes for migrants, as the two governments continued to deflect blame for last week’s drownin...

Priti Patel blames ‘evil’ gangs for Channel crossings but the reality is far more complicated

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The government repeatedly insists that sophisticated criminal networks are driving the Channel crossings by people seeking asylum in Britain. Of all the contested claims advanced by the home secretary on the issue, esso...

UK minister downplays tensions with France over Channel crossings crisis

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A Home Office minister has downplayed the diplomatic row between France and the UK over the refugee crisis in the Channel, insisting it was time to “draw up new creative solutions”. The British prime minister, Boris J...

On Channel crossings, France is sick of UK ‘outsourcing’ problems

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France has reacted furiously to what officials variously called a “mediocre, unacceptable and wholly inappropriate” letter from Boris Johnson to Emmanuel Macron about the migrant Channel crossings. The French interior...

Not doing enough? France senses policing alone won’t stop risky crossings

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Behind Boris Johnson’s suggestions, in the wake of the Channel drownings, that France was not doing enough to stop small boat crossings, lies a more complex picture. There is a growing sense among charities and the Fr...

UK ministers urged to ‘stop playing politics’ over Channel crossings

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More lives will be lost in the Channel unless urgent action is taken to stop “playing politics with people’s lives”, ministers were warned as desperate refugees vowed to keep attempting the perilous journey. The grim ...

Macron calls for greater cooperation from UK over refugee Channel crossings – video

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Emmanuel Macron has stressed the need to develop 'stronger and responsible' partnerships with Britain and Europe after at least 27 persone, including women and children, died on Wednesday trying to cross the Channel on...

Notizie Covid in diretta: I rapporti della Corea del Sud registrano casi giornalieri; Gli Stati Uniti richiedono la prova di vaccinazione a tutti i valichi di frontiera

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La Corea del Sud potrebbe imporre misure di emergenza poiché i casi di Covid salgono a poche settimane dalla riapertura del Paese; gli Stati Uniti chiederanno che tutti i viaggiatori essenziali non residenti che attraversano i suoi confini terrestri siano vaccinati

Priti Patel put under ‘immense pressure’ by No 10 and Tory MPs over Channel crossings

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Priti Patel is being put under “immense pressure” from Downing Street and Conservative MPs over government efforts to halt Channel crossings in small boats, with No 10 refusing to say the home secretary had done a goo...

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