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Patel hints Afghans crossing Channel will be treated same as other migrants

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Afghans seeking refuge in the UK who arrive on small boats from across the Channel will be treated the same as any other migrants who enter the country by the same means, the home secretary has suggested. Priti Patel ...

Latvia and Lithuania act to counter migrants crossing Belarus border

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Latvia has declared a state of emergency and Lithuania is mulling a razor-wire fence to stop record numbers of migrants crossing their borders with Belarus, amid claims Minsk is using the arrivals as leverage on EU st...

Mexico sues US gunmakers in unprecedented bid to stop weapons crossing border

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The Mexican government has launched legal action against US gunmakers in an unprecedented attempt to halt the flow of guns across the border, where US-made weapons are routinely used in cartel gun-battles, terror atta...

Más que 550 migrants intercepted crossing Channel

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Más que 550 migrants have been intercepted attempting to cross the Channel as the home secretary reaffirmed her “unwavering determination” to stop the journeys. Un total de 378 migrants were detained by the UK author...

Bridge made of string: Peruvians weave 500-year-old Incan crossing back into place

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Peruvians from the Huinchiri community in Cusco region are rebuilding a 500-year-old Incan hanging bridge, made using traditional weaving techniques to string a crossing together spanning the Apurimac river far below....

Biden under pressure over children crossing US-Mexico border – live updates

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Biden tells reports he will visit border ‘at some point’ as Mayorkas defends administration record

El Paso shelters scramble to make room for migrant children crossing into US

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Migrants, mainly unaccompanied children or family groups, now being flown by government to El Paso amid shortage of facilitiesShelter organizers in the west Texas border city of El Paso are scrambling to open up capac...