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Croatian police solve mystery of woman with no memory found on rock

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A woman rescued from a Croatian island with no memory of how she got there, where she came from or who she was, has been identified as a Slovakian former designer who had lived in the US and made jewellery for celebri...

Croatian police seek to identify mystery woman found on perilous rock

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Croatian police have released a picture of a woman who they say speaks “perfect English” but is unable to tell them who she is or how she came to be found on a jagged outcrop of rock off the island of Krk. The news we...

Croatian police accused of pushing Afghan refugees back to Bosnia

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While the allied forces struggled to evacuate thousands of refugees from Kabul amid threats of Islamic State retaliation, the Croatian police are allegedly robbing and pushing back to Bosnia dozens of Afghans who have...

Croatian border police accused of sexually assaulting Afghan migrant

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A woman from Afghanistan was allegedly sexually abused, held at knifepoint and forced to strip naked by a Croatian border police officer, during a search of a group of migrants on the border with Bosnia. The European ...