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‘Cold war mentality’: China criticises US-UK-Australia submarine pact

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China’s US embassy has told the US, UK and Australia to “shake off their cold war mentality and ideological prejudice” after the trio announced a new security pact. The trilateral security partnership, named Aukus, wa...

BBC director of news criticises furore over Jess Brammar appointment

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The BBC’s director of news has defended its impartiality and criticised abuse directed at a journalist whose appointment to run the BBC’s rolling news channels was confirmed on Wednesday. Jess Brammar, the former edit...

Alanis Morissette criticises ‘salacious agenda’ of HBO film about her life

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Alanis Morissette has spoken out against a new HBO documentary about her life and its “salacious agenda” as it premieres at the Toronto film festival. The 47-year-old singer had agreed to be interviewed for the film J...

Chelsea’s Thomas Tuchel criticises referee over Reece James red card

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Thomas Tuchel admitted that he was disappointed with referee Anthony Taylor’s decision to show Reece James a red card and award a penalty to Liverpool after seeing Chelsea’s 100% start to the season ended at Anfield. ...

Former Scottish Greens leader criticises ‘disappointing’ agreement with SNP

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A former leader of the Scottish Greens has attacked the deal the party struck with Nicola Sturgeon’s government for failing to take tougher action on North Sea oil, marine protection and taxation. Robin Harper, the co...

Former Afghanistan football coach criticises ‘botched’ evacuation of female players

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Decorated US marines veteran and former assistant coach of the Afghanistan women’s national football team, Haley Carter, has expressed her “extreme disappointment” at senior military and political leaders for their “b...

UN criticises UK for failure to redress colonial-era landgrab in Kenya

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The British government has been criticised by the UN for a lack of resolution over colonial-era crimes committed in Kenya. Six UN special rapporteurs have written to the government expressing concern over its failure ...

Jeremy Clarkson criticises Covid scientists, saying ‘if you die, you die’

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It is a long list that includes travellers, cyclists, animal rights activists, lorry drivers, George Michael and Liverpool. Now Jeremy Clarkson has opened himself up to more anger after he criticised “those communists...

A ‘safe space for racists’: antisemitism report criticises social media giants

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There is a serious and systemic failure to tackle antisemitism across the five biggest social media platforms, resulting in a “safe space for racists”, volgens 'n nuwe verslag. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube ...

UK Covid: 27,734 new cases as Welsh first minister criticises ‘risky’ travel plan for US and EU fully jabbed – as it happened

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This live blog is now closed. For the latest coronavirus updates from around the world, you can read our global Covid blog

Kanaal 4 chair criticises government’s ‘harmful’ privatisation plan

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The chairman of Channel 4 has lambasted the government’s plans to privatise the broadcaster, accusing the culture secretary of failing to provide any evidence to support a move that would have a “very harmful” impact ...

George W Bush fears for women as he criticises Afghanistan pullout

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The former US president George W Bush has criticised the western withdrawal from Afghanistan in an interview with a German broadcaster, saying he fears Afghan women and girls will “suffer unspeakable harm”. Asked in a...

England’s Tyrone Mings criticises Priti Patel over racism remarks

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The England footballer Tyrone Mings has criticised the home secretary, Priti Patel, in her condemnation of the racist abuse faced by his teammates, after she previously said players taking the knee was “gesture politi...

‘Openly neglected by an obscene administration’: Sean Penn criticises Trump’s handling of pandemic

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Sean Penn has criticised Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, likening the former president’s approach to someone opening fire on vulnerable communities. Speaking at a press conference following the p...

‘Ridiculous’: Starmer criticises PM for seeking credit for Hancock’s exit

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Boris Johnson has again sought to take credit for the departure of Matt Hancock, despite having backed the health secretary before he resigned, and prompted an angry response by dismissing the story as one only of int...

Grime artist Saskilla criticises music industry for a lack of change

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A leading grime artist and presenter has condemned the lack of meaningful change in the music industry since last summer’s anti-racist protests, and criticised record labels for benefiting from black stars but still f...

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