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Unions criticise English schools ‘more normal year’ campaign as naive

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A new government campaign urging students in England to have twice-weekly Covid tests for “a more normal year” at school and college has been labelled as naive by school union leaders. The campaign includes an Olympic...

Charities criticise lack of safer options after 10,000 migrants cross Channel

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Charities have criticised a “shameful” lack of safe alternatives for migrants after the number making the life-threatening journey across the Channel in small boats this year surpassed 10,000. The total includes at le...

UK business leaders criticise government’s handling of ‘pingdemic’

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Business leaders, health experts and trade associations representing tens of thousands of businesses have hit out at the government’s handling of the “pingdemic” self-isolation crisis. Amid mounting concern that staff...

MPs criticise ministers’ failure to plan industrial policy

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The government’s failure to set out an industrial policy agenda has left UK businesses unclear about the future at a time when a green economic recovery is urgent, according to MPs on the business, energy and industri...

Green activists criticise easyJet for launching 12 new UK routes

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EasyJet launched 12 new domestic UK flying routes on Thursday, a decision criticised by green campaigners as likely to increase greenhouse gas emissions. The airline said the routes, which will include Birmingham to N...

Teaching unions criticise plan to extend school day in England

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Teachers’ unions have criticised government plans to extend the school day in England by 30 minutes and said they could potentially do “more harm than good”. Education unions also said that the £1.5bn funding package ...

Councils in Covid hotspots criticise advice to ‘minimise’ travel

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Ministers are facing fresh opposition from local authorities over updated travel advice urging people to minimise travel to areas with higher coronavirus cases. The government revised its official guidance on Tuesday ...

Ex-officials criticise limited remit of Boris Johnson’s new standards adviser

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Boris Johnson will retain power to quash investigations and exonerate himself and ministers despite the appointment of a new standards adviser, it has been revealed, sparking high-level criticism from former top civil...

Doctors left ‘ill-equippedfor Australia’s Covid vaccine rollout criticise delayed launch of booking site

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Eligible recipients being turned away from GPs amid uncertainty over phase starting next week, medical groups sayMedical leaders say it is a “mystery” why an online Covid-19 vaccination booking system hasn’t been laun...