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UK politics live: Tory ministers try to defend government’s Covid response after critical report

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Nuutste opdaterings: Stephen Barclay says pandemic was unprecedented situation ministers were ‘learning about as we went through’

China’s pledge to kick the coal habit comes at a critical moment for the planet

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“China will step up support for other developing countries in developing green and low-carbon energy,” said China’s president, Xi Jinping, at the United Nations on Tuesday, “and will not build new coal-fired power pro...

Who is now receiving critical care for Covid?

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In his memoir of having Covid-19, the poet Michael Rosen recalled doctors telling him he had a 50–50 chance of surviving mechanical ventilation. This advice was optimistic: of ventilated over-70s in the first two wave...

US House passes voting rights bill, restoring critical provision of landmark law

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The US House of Representatives has passed an update to the 1965 Voting Rights Act, restoring a critical provision of the landmark civil rights law that requires places with a history of voting discrimination to be un...

Chinese media in fake news claims over Swiss scientist critical of US

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Chinese state media articles quoting a Swiss biologist accusing the US of politicising Covid origin investigations have been quietly deleted, after the Swiss government said no such person exists. Aan 24 Julie, a Facebo...

My critical inner voice is driving me to distraction. Can I get it to shut up?

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I have dealt in the past with the ongoing issues related to my inner prick – a voice inside my head that is consistently telling me that I am terrible at everything and should give up as soon as possible. (Sometimes t...

Kritiese maatstawwe vir globale verwarming bereik 'n keerpunt, studie bevind

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'N Nuwe studie wat die vitale tekens van die planeet dopgehou het, het bevind dat baie van die belangrikste aanwysers van die wêreldwye klimaatkrisis erger word en dat dit nader kom, of oorskry, belangrike kantelpunte namate die aarde verhit word. Oof ...

Vrydag inligtingsessie: Critical workers can avoid self-isolation

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Hallo, Warren Murray with today’s admixture. There’s a lot of Covid news around this morning, so let’s round that up first. Workers from 16 key sectors including health, transport and energy will not have to isolate ...

Coventry puts forward ‘mission critical’ plan for electric car battery plant

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Plans for a “mission critical” electric car battery plant in Coventry have accelerated in a drive to keep automotive production at the heart of the West Midlands region. Coventry city council has put forward a bluepri...

Gender critical feminist charged over allegedly transphobic tweets

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An accountant working for a gender critical feminist group in Scotland has been charged in relation to allegedly homophobic and transphobic tweets in a case that has been seized on as an exemplar of the apparent clash...

‘Critical’ lack of Covid vaccine supply in Melbourne forcing GPs to turn people away

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Melbourne GPs say they are being forced to turn away huge numbers of vaccine-seeking locals, including busloads of vulnerable residents from care facilities, because the commonwealth’s supply of doses has not increase...

Seuntjie, two, critical after being found in lake in Hampshire

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A two-year-old boy is in a critical condition in hospital after being pulled from a lake in Hampshire. Police are appealing for witnesses after the boy was found unresponsive in water at Swanwick Lakes, a nature reser...

Global Covid jabs pass billion mark, as Indian government censors critical tweets

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More than a billion Covid-19 jabs have been administered worldwide, offering hope even as global cases hit a new daily record – due mainly to surging infections in India, where the government, under fire for its handl...

Teenage girl in critical condition after Met police chase collision

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A teenage girl is in a critical condition after a car being chased by police crashed into a lamppost. The Met has launched an investigation into the collision, which happened in the early hours of Sunday morning in so...

Boohoo severs ties with hundreds of UK manufacturers after critical review

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Boohoo has published a full list of the UK clothing manufacturers it works with after severing ties with hundreds of companies following a damning review last year of its supply chain. The group now works with 78 Verenigde Koninkryk ...


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But despite all the extinctions (not the scientists the various flora and fauna) and the worsening everything they just won’t give up! Go scientists go!

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