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Kremlin critic found with dead elk in car is stripped of immunity

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Russia’s State Duma has voted to deprive a Communist MP of his immunity from prosecution after police found the dismembered remains of an elk in the boot of his car. Valery Rashkin, who recently led protests against t...

How our art critic ended up in the Beano: The Art of Breaking the Rules – review

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What should a critic do? I’m sure there must be rules: don’t take backhanders from galleries. Don’t get too intimate with artists, especially not dead ones. Declare any conflicts of interest (no conflict, no interest,...

‘Our music charts are still kind of segregated’: critic Kelefa Sanneh on pop, fandom and race

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When Nik Cohn wrote Awopbopaloobop Alopbamboom: The Golden Age of Rock in 1969, he only had 15 years of the rock’n’roll era to process. Five decades later, telling the story so far is such a daunting prospect that, wh ...

Jonathan Mirsky: reporter who went from Mao fan to fierce Beijing critic

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Jonathan Mirsky, the Observer’s former China correspondent who has died aged 88, was acutely aware of the mounting danger from the bullets criss-crossing Tiananmen Square on 4 giugno 1989 as units of the People’s Libera...

Myanmar’s junta vies with critic of coup for seat on UN assembly

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The United Nations will face a dilemma when its general assembly convenes next week, after both Myanmar’s military junta and the country’s shadow national unity government (NUG) launched rival bids to fill the country...

I’ve been cast as a bitchy theatre critic – it’s a role I couldn’t turn down

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About six weeks ago a small bombshell landed in my inbox. Headed “A Job Offer”, it was an email from Neil McPherson, director of the Finborough theatre in London, asking if I would like to play the role of a theatre c...

Alexei Navalny moved to hospital as fears grow for life of Putin critic

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Alexei Navalny has been transferred to a prison hospital as concerns have grown among supporters that the opposition leader is dangerously ill and could die “at any minute”. Navalny’s transfer came after his doctors r...

Jailed Putin critic Alexei Navalny could die at any minute, doctors warn

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Jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny risks cardiac arrest at “any minute” as his health has rapidly deteriorated, doctors warned Saturday, urging immediate access to Russia’s most famous prisoner. Su 31 marzo, Vladimi...

‘His own biggest critic’: Ollie Watkinsroad from non-league to England

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It is a little more than six years since Ollie Watkins scored a dozen minutes into his Weston-super-Mare debut, stepping off the bench to propel the Conference South’s bottom club to a 4-3 victory over Farnborough Tow...