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Yo era un oficial superior, e incluso yo luché para que la policía investigara los delitos.

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So the truth is out. For month after month, year after year, former police officers like me, and even disinterested observers, have been warning that our forces and those who run them risk losing the trust of the publ...

Highland Park mass shooting suspect charged with 117 felony crimes

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The man accused of opening fire on an Independence Day parade in suburban Chicago, killing seven, has been indicted by a grand jury on 117 felony charges. The indictment included 21 first-degree murder counts, 48 cuenta..

‘Part of me wants to hide’: Dutch director traces great-grandfather’s Nazi war crimes

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It was the family secret that nearly went to the grave. Gerrit Jongsma was a convicted war criminal – a small-town mayor and Nazi collaborator who sent at least one Jewish family to their deaths. He was also the great...

The Guardian view on the SAS in Afghanistan: investigate claims of war crimes

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The government closed down its investigation into alleged war crimes in Afghanistan, known as Operation Northmoor, before any soldier was prosecuted. But the BBC’s Panorama has unearthed shocking evidence that Britain...

‘We have a new Hitler in Russia’: Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina on Putin’s crimes and her years of resistance

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When Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina left Russia in April this year, she went to Iceland, essentially a political refugee. She had been repeatedly arrested since early 2021, on specious charges – “violation of sanitary a...

No one but Ghislaine Maxwell is to blame for her revolting crimes

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The British former socialite and convicted procurer Ghislaine Maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for charges of recruiting and trafficking young girls. It is a significant sentence that reflects the enor...

Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in prison for sex trafficking crimes

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Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced on Tuesday to 20 years in prison in her New York sex-trafficking case for procuring teen girls for Jeffrey Epstein for him to abuse. Maxwell, 60, has maintained her innocence. Epstein, ...

Crimes against civilians: documenting the scale of abuse in Ukraine

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Five days into the war, a Russian platoon commander and his unit arrived in Motyzhyn, just off the main highway linking western Ukraine to Kyiv. They hid tanks and artillery among the trees, excavated foxholes and com...

Belgium to return Patrice Lumumba’s gold tooth in bid to atone for colonial crimes

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The Belgian government will return a tooth of Patrice Lumumba to his family this week, hoping to draw a line under one of the most brutal and shameful episodes in the country’s bloody exploitation of central Africa. T ...

Ukraine’s first lady Olena Zelenska on being Russia’s target No 2: ‘When you see their crimes, maybe they really are capable of anything’

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In the early hours of 24 febrero, Olena Zelenska became aware of the sound of muffled booms somewhere in the distance. As she drifted towards wakefulness, she realised the sounds she was registering could not be fire...

UK officials in line for immunity in assisting crimes overseas, dicen los críticos

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Ministers and spies would be given immunity from accusations of assisting crimes overseas under a new national security law to be debated by MPs next week, a human rights charity and former Tory cabinet minister have ...

Stephen Colbert on Bush’s gaffe: ‘A refreshingly lighthearted confession to war crimes’

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Stephen Colbert mocked an old target on Thursday evening: George W Bush, who gave a speech in Dallas on Wednesday for an event called “Elections – A More Perfect Union”, focused on how elections work. “And we’ve actua...

First Russian soldier goes on trial in Ukraine for war crimes

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A Russian soldier has appeared in court accused of murdering an unarmed man on a bicycle, at the start of the first war crime trial in Ukraine since Vladimir Putin invaded the country. Vadim Shysimarin, a commander of...

First Russian soldier to go on trial in Ukraine for war crimes

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A court in Kyiv will hear the first war crime trial since Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine when a Russian soldier accused of murdering a 62-year-old civilian appears in the dock on Friday. The watershed ...

John Oliver: ‘Your basic rights could become crimes tomorrow’

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John Oliver delivered an impassioned episode of his HBO show after the “catastrophic” news that the US supreme court is poised overturn the basic right to an abortion. On the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, the h...

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