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Will T20 cricket mutate or stagnate? Either way it should be fun finding out

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Not long after the second world war, in an attempt to discover more humane and peaceable functions for the frightening new toy of atomic power, the US government adopted a policy of deliberately radiating fruit. At th...

No pressure, Joe, but the future of Test cricket depends on this Ashes series

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At first glance it seems a minor oddity that the two longest-serving England men’s Test cricket captains of all time are the current one and the one before him. Every linen-shirted custodian of the Golden Age, every h...

England A tour opens up life-changing opportunities in women’s cricket

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With few call‑ups coming from beyond the contracted squad of 17, the England women’s team has sometimes felt like a closed shop since professionalism was instituted in 2014. That, egter, could all change this winter...

‘Batters’: Laws of cricket to be amended by MCC to use gender neutral term

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The MCC has officially amended the laws of the game to remove batsman and replace it with batter, asserting its belief that “the use of gender-neutral terminology helps reinforce cricket’s status as an inclusive game ...

Engeland trek die volgende maand se kriekettoere vir mans en vroue deur Pakistan uit

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Engeland het volgende maand se mans- en vrouetoere na Pakistan gestaak nadat Nieu -Seeland hul besoek Vrydag weens veiligheidskwessies laat vaar het. Die Engelse en Walliese Krieketraad het die naweek daaroor beraadslaag en ....

County krieket: Yorkshire v Warwicks, Surrey v Essex and more – live!

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Hampshire v Notts, Yorkshire v Warks and more: county cricket – live!

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Notts v Lancashire, Warks v Hampshire and more: county cricket – live!

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Warks v Hampshire, Notts v Lancashire and more: county cricket – live!

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