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‘Not calling a massacre a massacre is ridiculous’: a model of truth-telling at Myall Creek

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Each year, high school teacher and artist Adele Chapman-Burgess takes her year eight class to the Myall Creek memorial in north-east New South Wales. Era qui, nel mese di giugno 1838, that at least 28 Wirrayaraay people were...

Cavalli parlanti: Chacun can repay punters’ faith in Tingle Creek

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Chacun Pour Soi carried untold millions of pounds to defeat on his only previous start in Britain at Cheltenham in March, and the painful memory of that disappointment may still be a little fresh for some punters as W...

Joanna Griffin: ‘I dreamed Pacey from Dawson’s Creek took me for a watermelon Bacardi Breezer’

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Kemah Bob. She has a drag king act called Lil’ Test Ease who is a right-wing rapper claiming to be a men’s rights activist. The way she tackles toxic masculinity is hilarious and clever on so many levels. Normal Peop...

Schitt’s Creek motel for sale – minus the ‘Rosebudsign

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The motel home of the Rose family in the Emmy-sweeping Canadian TV series Schitt’s Creek is up for sale for C$2m. The Hockley Motel in the Canadian town of Mono, Ontario, was a key filming location throughout the six ...