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No 10 confirms imminent cabinet reshuffle; Starmer attacks Johnson at PMQs over universal credit cuts – live

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: cabinet overhaul due to take place this afternoon after prime minister takes questions in Commons

Thérèse Coffey accused of getting universal credit figures wrong

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The work and pensions secretary, Thérèse Coffey, has been accused of not understanding the universal credit system after she said people who would lose £20 a week in payments next month would only have to work two hou...

Labour urges Rishi Sunak to scrap planned cut to universal credit

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Labour is warning that Rishi Sunak will be personally responsible for the largest benefit cut in the history of the welfare state, if the £20-a-week reduction in universal credit goes ahead next month. The shadow work...

Ending universal credit boost will hit sickest areas the hardest, study shows

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Scrapping the £1,000-a-year boost to universal credit next month will trigger mental illness and poorer health for thousands of people, and hit the sickest areas of the UK hardest, new research suggests. Boris Johnson...

Low-paid workers tell MPs of fears over end of universal credit top-up

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Low-paid workers have spoken of their fears over the imminent £20-a-week cut to universal credit, warning MPs that it will leave them unable to cover basic living costs from food to energy bills. Single father Anthony...

Marcus Rashford urges government to keep £20 universal credit top-up

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The footballer Marcus Rashford has urged the government to end threats to social security payments and focus instead on practical measures to address what he called the pandemic of child hunger affecting the UK. Rashf...

Doctors, charities and Tory thinktank urge PM to drop universal credit cut

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One hundred organisations, including charities, children’s doctors, public health experts and a Conservative thinktank have signed a letter calling on Boris Johnson to abandon plans to cut universal credit by £20 a we...

Planned cut to universal credit could push more than 2m people into debt

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The government’s planned £20-a-week cut to universal credit cut could drive 2.3 million people into debt including almost half of claimants in “red wall” battleground constituencies, the charity Citizens Advice has sa...

Universal credit cut will come as shock for claimants, dice Labour

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Labour has accused the government of failing to prepare struggling low-income families for October’s £20-a-week cut in universal credit payments after it emerged that up to 2 million claimants were unaware of the immi...

Workers in south-west England hardest hit by Universal Credit cut

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The south-west of England will have the highest proportion of low-income workers affected by a £20-a-week cut later this year in universal credit payments, according to analysis by the TUC that illustrates the widespr...

Credit to bold Gatland for picking a Lions side on form not reputation

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The secret of top-level selection is to heighten the sense of pre-game anticipation. If the team sheet can not only energise your own players but also make the opposition feel faintly uneasy, so much the better. Warre...

PhD student hit with £17,000 bill by DWP after universal credit error

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A PhD student has been told by Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) the she owes more than £17,000 in overpaid benefits because of mistakes it made when assessing her claim for universal credit. Vikki Reid, who is i...

Supreme court rejects challenge to universal credit ‘two-child limit’

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The UK’s highest court has rejected a challenge over the government’s “two-child limit” for welfare payments. The rule, which came into force in April 2017, restricts child tax credit and universal credit to the first...

Universal credit £20 top-up will end this autumn, MPs are told

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The work and pensions minister, Thérèse Coffey, has confirmed the £20 a week pandemic universal credit uplift will be withdrawn as planned at the end of September despite widespread public and cross-party opposition t...

Boris Johnson tries to claim credit for Matt Hancock departure

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Boris Johnson has sought to claim the credit for removing the disgraced former health secretary Matt Hancock, despite Downing Street repeatedly saying on Friday he “considered the matter closed”. Asked by reporters wh...

UK public ‘think Covid boost to universal credit should be permanent’

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There is widespread public backing for permanently retaining the £20-a-week Covid boost to universal credit as part of more generous social security benefits for disabled people, carers and young adults, research has ...

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