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‘Choice between using shower or oven’: harsh realities of universal credit cut

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Meer as 800,000 people risk being pushed into poverty as a result of a cut to universal credit coming into effect on Wednesday, terwyl 100,000 renters in England will be in danger of eviction. The Resolution Foundati...

The Tory ‘emergency fund’ is an admission that universal credit shouldn’t be cut

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Working in frontline NHS mental health services during the darkest days of the pandemic, I often encountered people in crisis who did not know where their next meal was coming from. Fortunately during that period, I w...

The universal credit cut is the end point of years of ‘welfare’ cruelty

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Here it comes. This Wednesday, the Department for Work and Pensions will finally end the £20-a-week “uplift” to universal credit introduced in March 2020. The cut will hit different households at different times, maar ...

Donderdag inligtingsessie: Renters at risk from cut to universal credit

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Hallo, I’m Warren Murray and it’s my pleasure to bring you the news this morning. Ten minste 100,000 renting households in England will be placed at risk of eviction when the government’s planned £20-a-week cut to univ...

100,000 renters in England ‘risk eviction’ when universal credit is cut

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Ten minste 100,000 renting households will be placed at risk of eviction when the government’s planned £20-a-week cut to universal credit comes into effect next week, the housing charity Crisis has warned. The proportio...

Marcus Rashford calls for universal credit cut to be axed

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Marcus Rashford has urged the government to abandon its plan to cut the universal credit uplift within days and demanded ministers tackle what he called a “child hunger pandemic”. The England and Manchester United foo...

Universal credit cut will lead to more UK children in care – study

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Oor 1,500 additional UK children a year would be removed from their families and taken into care as a result of the explosion in child poverty caused by the removal of the £20-a-week universal credit uplift, a study...

Johnson weier om te sê of hy van basiese universele kredietvergoeding kan lewe

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Boris Johnson het die regering se planne om universele krediet te verminder verdedig, terwyl hy geweier het om te sê of hy kan lewe op die basiese betaling van £ 118 per week. Ondervra deur verslaggewers tydens sy reis na die VSA ...

Ministers consider plan to ease £20-a-week universal credit cut

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Ministers are examining a £1bn-a-year increase in benefit payments to cushion the impact of the imminent £6bn-a-year cut in universal credit. After growing pressure to reverse the £20-a-week cut, the Treasury is looki...

Die universele kredietverlaging is verregaande, maar hierdie gevoelloosheid is niks nuuts nie

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Volgende maand, universal credit will be cut back by £20 to its pre-pandemic level. A policy that will – by the admission of the government’s own internal analysis – likely cause “catastrophic” suffering, pushing 800,000 ...

Vertel ons: how will you be affected by the cut to Universal Credit?

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Boris Johnson has been warned that more than 800,000 people risk being plunged into poverty as a result of an imminent cut to Universal Credit. Chancellor Rishi Sunak is expected to end the £20-a-week increase of Univ...

Geen 10 confirms imminent cabinet reshuffle; Starmer attacks Johnson at PMQs over universal credit cuts – live

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Nuutste opdaterings: cabinet overhaul due to take place this afternoon after prime minister takes questions in Commons

Thérèse Coffey accused of getting universal credit figures wrong

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The work and pensions secretary, Thérèse Coffey, has been accused of not understanding the universal credit system after she said people who would lose £20 a week in payments next month would only have to work two hou...

Labour urges Rishi Sunak to scrap planned cut to universal credit

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Labour is warning that Rishi Sunak will be personally responsible for the largest benefit cut in the history of the welfare state, if the £20-a-week reduction in universal credit goes ahead next month. The shadow work...

Ending universal credit boost will hit sickest areas the hardest, study shows

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Scrapping the £1,000-a-year boost to universal credit next month will trigger mental illness and poorer health for thousands of people, and hit the sickest areas of the UK hardest, new research suggests. Boris Johnson...

Low-paid workers tell MPs of fears over end of universal credit top-up

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Low-paid workers have spoken of their fears over the imminent £20-a-week cut to universal credit, warning MPs that it will leave them unable to cover basic living costs from food to energy bills. Single father Anthony...

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