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BlackRock privately soothes oil industry fears over its new green credentials

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Emails have revealed the high-wire act performed by major banks and the world’s biggest asset manager, BlackRock, as they privately soothe oil industry concerns about their public support for greener investment. In hi...

Tucker Carlson suddenly has questions about Ketanji Brown Jackson’s credentials – I have questions about his

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What does it mean to live in a democracy? Bene, according to the Fox News host Tucker Carlson, it means having the right to harangue Black women and force them to show their papers. On Wednesday Carlson went on a tira...

Dal comfort alle credenziali ecologiche: Dal comfort alle credenziali ecologiche

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Dal comfort alle credenziali ecologiche, Dal comfort alle credenziali ecologiche, Dal comfort alle credenziali ecologiche, Dal comfort alle credenziali ecologiche, pure. Dopotutto, Dal comfort alle credenziali ecologiche. Il...

Romanian minister resigns over claims he faked education credentials

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Romania’s minister of innovation and digitalization has resigned after an investigation by journalists who reported they found significant irregularities on his resume and evidence he plagiarized from an academic pape...

Your green credentials may be linked to your genes, lo studio dice

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Some people are more environmentally conscious than others, and scientists say the reason could be in their genes. A study has found that identical twins have more similar views on conservation and environmentalism th...

Watchdog to launch crackdown on ads falsely claiming green credentials

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Airline ads that encourage taking too many flights and carmakers that show SUVs tearing up the countryside are set to fall foul of a crackdown on marketing that encourages environmentally irresponsible behaviour. Il ...

Budget is vital test of UK government’s green credentials

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The budget this week will be a vital test of Boris Johnson’s green credentials, with campaigners watching keenly to see whether plans match up to the government’s repeated claims to be creating a “green industrial rev...