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‘Economy wins wars’: Ukraine creatives hope to harness consumer power

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Creatives in Ukraine are trying to harness consumer power in an attempt to keep the country’s economy going amid the Russian invasion. Before the war began in February, Ukraine was known as a hotbed of creativity in f...

Pillow and a palette: Leeds’ Art Hostel is a creative’s dream

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In one room, tiny sheep tiptoe above a bunk bed and there are hoof-prints across the cement floor. In the room next door, carrier bags have been twisted into a light fixture in the fashion of a Hindu flower garland. D...

Letter to my teacher: creatives ​​including Kate Mosse, Ben Bailey Smith and Sathnam Sanghera ​say thanks

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Così, it’s July. Finalmente. The UK is half-way through the summer of sport and, in schools up and down the country, insegnanti, classroom assistants, pupils, students and their parents are starting to believe the finishing ...

‘A haven for free-thinkers’: Pakistan creatives mourn loss of progressive arts space

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Danial Shah turned to Sabeen Mahmud, who founded PeaceNiche, which promotes free speech through culture, for help with his first photo exhibition when all other organisations refused to show his work. Shah’s photograp...

‘We needed a sanctuary’: new art-house seeks justice for Birmingham’s creatives

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When the Birmingham Repertory theatre (Birmingham Rep) announced its decision last year to hire out spaces to the Ministry of Justice to use for court cases, the backlash was instant. Black theatre company Talawa quic...