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Why the long face? Artist pilloried after creating half-horse, half-man sculpture

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In Irish mythology, a púca is a mischievous, shapeshifting spirit that can take the form of a horse and entice unwary travellers on to its back for a wild ride. Aidan Harte knows how that feels. Eighteen months ago th...

Parents’ worsening behaviour on social media creating stress and heavier workloads, school principals say

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School principals in New South Wales say they need urgent help to manage increasingly poor behaviour by parents on social media, with online pile-ons and slanging matches creating unnecessary stress and increased work...

Scientists creating universal e-scooter sound to help pedestrians detect them

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A universal sound for e-scooters is being developed by scientists at the University of Salford working with the Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB) to help pedestrians hear the oncoming vehicles. The sile...

‘She’s creating her own language’: Christine Sun Kim’s unique sound art

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At the Queens Museum, artist Christine Sun Kim’s newly completed mural features the words TIME OWES ME REST AGAIN, scrawled in black, spanning a crisp white wall, 40ft high and 100ft wide. The familiar action lines yo...

‘Who’s to say it’s not real?’ Street artist Kaws on creating Fortnite’s first exhibition

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For Brian Donnelly – known as Kaws since his graffiti beginnings in 1990s New York – art has always been a communication tool. From street art to vast public commissions, lui dice, “it’s a chance to create a dialogue”....

‘Birdwatching is not just a white thing’: the UK collective creating a new generation of twitchers

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I have lived in cities all my life. My childhood did not involve any education in the outdoors. It would be fair to say my knowledge of birds doesn’t go much further than the varieties mentioned in Old Macdonald Had a...

Romantic fiction writers creating a more diverse happily ever after

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Talia Hibbert was rewatching a Spider-Man film and eating a meal in her living room when she received life-changing news. Her romance novel Act Your Age, Eve Brown, which she wrote at the beginning of the pandemic, ah ...

Beijing criticises UK for creating ‘second-class citizens’ with Hong Kong visa scheme

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Beijing has claimed the UK wants to make Hong Kongers “second-class citizens” with its British national (overseas) (BNO) visa scheme, after new figures showed almost 90,000 people have applied from the former British ...

How wild turkeys’ rough and rowdy ways are creating havoc in US cities

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There’s a violent gang stalking urban America. In New Hampshire a motorcyclist crashed after being assaulted. In New Jersey, a terrified postman rang 911 after a dozen members attacked at once. And in Michigan, one to...

Social media creating virus of lies, says Nobel winner Maria Ressa

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Social media platforms are biased against facts and creating “a virus of lies” that threatens all democracies, the Nobel peace prize-winning journalist Maria Ressa has said. Ressa, one of the Philippines’ most promine...

A Johnson interessa davvero creare nuovi posti di lavoro, soprattutto se ti chiami Paul Dacre

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A Johnson interessa davvero creare nuovi posti di lavoro, soprattutto se ti chiami Paul Dacre? A Johnson interessa davvero creare nuovi posti di lavoro, soprattutto se ti chiami Paul Dacre, A Johnson interessa davvero creare nuovi posti di lavoro, soprattutto se ti chiami Paul Dacre. A Johnson interessa davvero creare nuovi posti di lavoro, soprattutto se ti chiami Paul Dacre.

Le tattiche della polizia di Cop26 creano un'atmosfera di paura, i manifestanti dicono

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Accumulo di episodi di intimidazione da parte della polizia, molestie e aggressioni nei confronti degli attivisti del Cop26 stanno creando "un'atmosfera di paura e repressione" per le strade di Glasgow e hanno avuto un effetto raggelante sui manifestanti..

Cop26 is creating false hope for a 1.5C rise – the stark reality is very different

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Since the Paris agreement in 2015, countries around the world have promised ambitious action on climate change. Six years later, it is clear that they haven’t followed through on that promise. In the latest analysis c...

‘Existing is an act of resistance’: the Syrian refugees creating design from displacement

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When the world’s largest Syrian refugee camp started to overflow in 2013 it was so big it had become Jordan’s fourth-largest city. The camp, Za’atari, housed a staggering 150,000 persone, and the influx of new arrivals...

Rewriting extinction: Ricky Gervais joins celebrities creating comics to save species

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Ricky Gervais is the latest celebrity to join an ambitious year-long storytelling campaign called Rewriting Extinction with the launch of a comic called Bullfight. Since it launched in June, più di 300 celebrities,...

Climate crisis likely creating extreme winter weather events, says report

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The climate crisis has not only been leaving deadly heatwaves and more destructive hurricanes in its wake, but also probably creating extreme winter weather events, according to a new report released on Thursday by th...

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