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‘Society was volatile. That spirit was in our music’: how Japan created its own jazz

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The story of Japanese jazz is about music and a movement, but also a nation’s state of mind – a daring vision of a better future after the second world war, sounded out on piano, drums and brass. Jazz is a distinctly ...

‘They created monsters’: How New Zealand’s brutal welfare system produced criminals

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Rangi Wickliffe’s body is a map and a history of New Zealand’s welfare and prison institutions, where the 60-year-old has spent about 45 years of his life. There are the scars the length of his inner left forearm that...

Francis Bacon estate implies artist’s friend created parts of Tate collection

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The Estate of Francis Bacon has launched an astonishing personal attack on Barry Joule, one of the artist’s friends, and the vast collection he donated to the Tate in 2004 – even implying that he created works himself...

The duo who created Drag Race: ‘We saw RuPaul in a loincloth and went, “Oh my God!”’

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Más que 20 years before Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato launched RuPaul’s Drag Race under the banner of their World of Wonder production company, they spotted the future drag superstar in the lobby of the Marriott h...

‘They created a new blueprint’: the legacy of Blaxploitation film posters

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“Don’t mess roun’ with Foxy Brown,” warns a poster, depicting a sitting Pam Grier, legs crossed in a green dress, scenes of her violent escapades laid out at her feet. The design, lurid and suggestive, is instantly re...

How often have players with rhyming names created goals for each other?

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“After Tyrone Mings set up Danny Ings to score against Newcastle last weekend, have there been any other high-profile examples of players with rhyming names setting up goals for each other?” ponders Steve Maybury. El...

The death truck: how a solution to Mexico’s morgue crisis created a new horror – podcast

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How did a lorry carrying 273 dead bodies end up stranded on the outskirts of Guadalajara? By Matthew Bremner How to listen to podcasts: Todo lo que necesitas saber ...

The Guardian view on migrant deaths: safe routes must be created

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The identification of the body of Artin Iran Nezhad in Norway brings a tragic migration story to an end. Artin, Envejecido 15 months when his Iranian Kurdish parents tried to cross the Channel in a small boat, was reported ...

Bill Gates’ money manager created ‘culture of fear’ for staff, dice informe

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The man responsible for managing the vast majority of billionaire Bill Gates’ fortune has been the subject of claims including racist remarks, showing nude pictures of women to his staff and making sexist comments, th ...

Taffeta with no tantrums: How we created Diana’s fairytale wedding dress

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For David Emanuel, the memories are always close to the surface. Straightening the veil, smoothing ruffles of ivory silk taffeta, whispering “a few sweet things” to Diana Spencer before she walked down the aisle in St...

Brendan Rodgers’ record finally stacks up to the brand he has created

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Una prueba: which of these stories about Brendan Rodgers is true? Story A: when he was a youth-team coach at Chelsea he once tried to cheer up an out-of-form John Terry by commissioning a bespoke motivational poem, cual ...

Reino Unido Covid en vivo: ministers created confusion by muddling lockdown guidance with law, police watchdog says

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Últimas actualizaciones: HMIC report also highlights ‘frequent frustration’ of police forces over lack of notice about changes to Covid rules

The death truck: how a solution to Mexico’s morgue crisis created a new horror

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On the southern outskirts of Guadalajara, early in the morning of 15 septiembre 2018, a large container, the type normally attached to a lorry, sank into the soupy ground beside a rutted country road. The refrigerated ...

Respuesta de los lectores: how were the small words in English created?

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The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific and philosophical conceptsHow were the little words – such as I, usted, a...