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The Edge of the Plain by James Crawford review – beyond borders

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What a border means depends on who you are. The reopening of international borders after Covid lockdowns was hailed as a return to normality, at least for wealthy global travellers. At the same time British politician...

Man who died on Ben Nevis named as father-to-be Samuel Crawford

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A man who died after falling about 300 metri (1,000ft) down the UK’s highest mountain has been named as Samuel Crawford. The 28-year-old climber from Newtownards, County Down, Irlanda del Nord, slipped on the west si...

Necrologio di James Crawford

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Nel 1996, la commissione di diritto internazionale delle Nazioni Unite ha chiesto a James Crawford di codificare le regole sulle malefatte degli stati. Mezzo secolo dopo la sua iniziazione, il progetto è stato impantanato in polemiche, con il fallimento in aria. f...

Errol Spence Jr stops Ugás to set up four-belt showdown with Terence Crawford

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Errol Spence Jr took a few rounds to find his rhythm and range after a long layoff. Alla fine, he had another championship belt. Spence became a three-belt welterweight champion by defending his WBC and IBF titles in...