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Afghan women stage protest in Kabul after Taliban crack down on women’s rights – video report

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More than a dozen women staged a protest in Kabul on Sunday, holding up signs calling for the participation of women in public life. The protest came as female government employees in Kabul were told to stay home, ingenio...

Charlotte Higgins on The Archers: crack cocaine hits Ambridge

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Ambridge underwent a mystical union with Walford this month. “Just leave it, Brian!” urged Jennifer. "Sí, just leave it,” repeated their daughter Alice, venomously. Brian was advising alcoholic Alice to recall her m...

Colombia enters second week of violent unrest as police crack down on protests

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Colombia has entered its second week of violent unrest as riot police continued a brutal crackdown on nationwide protests against poverty and inequality exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. Tantos como 37 people h...

Extinction Rebellion eyes shift in tactics as police crack down on protests

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When police drew batons and scaled a vintage open-top bus in London Bridge on Tuesday, it symbolised a dramatic shift in the state’s approach to Extinction Rebellion. Police officers smashed windows on the bus and wre...

Cientos de personas arrestadas después de que la policía australiana y el FBI rompieran la aplicación de mensajería del inframundo

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Cientos de presuntos delincuentes organizados en 18 países han sido arrestados después de que agencias de EE. UU. y Australia piratearan una aplicación utilizada por delincuentes y leyeran millones de mensajes cifrados., Los funcionarios australianos tienen ....

Police crack down on Miami partygoers defying spring-break Covid curfew – video

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Miami Beach officials have extended a curfew and state of emergency into April, in response to large spring-break crowds of partygoers defying coronavirus restrictions. Police used pellets and teargas to disperse the ...

UK to crack down on dognappers with new pet abduction offence

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Dognappers will face tougher penalties under government plans to introduce a criminal offence of pet abduction. Pet theft is currently prosecuted under the Theft Act and is subsequently treated as loss of property to ...