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What do we know about Covid’s impact on the brain?

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One of the most important studies in the pandemic – studying the potential impact of Covid on the brain – was just published. The major findings of loss of gray matter, reduced brain size, and cognitive decline are co...

The First Wave review – Covid’s devastating early days in New York

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Shot inside a New York hospital at the start of the pandemic, this documentary is an overwhelming emotional watch. In March last year, City of Ghosts director Matthew Heineman started filming on the wards of the Long ...

‘Like sewage and rotting flesh’: Covid’s lasting impact on taste and smell

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Four months after getting sick with Covid, Anne-Héloise Dautel couldn’t eat anything at all. “I just wanted to vomit, I was gagging at everything around me," sy het gese. “I couldn’t even stand my own smell. I was shower...

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