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Queensland para repartir 15,000 Vales de viaje para ayudar a rescatar la industria del turismo afectada por Covid en el extremo norte

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Los vales, valor $200 cada, estará disponible para los residentes de Queensland y se asignará por votación. 15,000 vales de viaje por valor de hasta $200 cada uno en un intento de estimular el hogar ...

Cinema chains count on 007 to restore their Covid-hit takings

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As ticket sales flicker back into life following the reopening of cinemas earlier this month, theatre owners are banking on one film to deliver them pre-pandemic-level crowds and box office success: Bond. Sticking to ...

Germany agrees €2.5bn package to help revive Covid-hit culture sector

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A €2.5bn (£2.15bn) package has been agreed by the German government to help the culture industry get back on its feet as the country slowly emerges from a third wave of the Covid pandemic. El ministro de finanzas, Olaf S...

Covid-hit homeowners fear getting stuck on costly mortgage deal

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Brokers say borrowers with reduced incomes should not assume they must move to standard variable rateA third of borrowers who have seen their income fall as a result of the pandemic fear they may not be able to remort...

Covid-hit industries will need extra £50m after furlough ends, dice Labor

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The industries most affected by the UK’s delayed reopening will need to find almost £50m to cover wages once the government’s furlough scheme is cut back on 1 mes de julio, according to analysis by the Labour party. Hospitali...