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On Covid and climate we can achieve change – but we’re running out of time

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On Saturday morning I met a friend for breakfast at a local diner. We weren’t sure whether to sit outside because of the surging Delta variant of Covid, or inside because stinging smoke from wildfires consuming northe...

After Covid, the climate crisis will be the next thing the right says we ‘just have to live with’

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Soon, a few of the more shameless newspaper commentators will urge the rest of us to “learn to live” with climate breakdown. Soon, a couple of especially sharp-elbowed cabinet ministers will sigh to the Spectator that...

Nicola Sturgeon cabinet reshuffle prioritises Covid and climate

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Nicola Sturgeon has prioritised the Covid recovery and difficult transition to a net zero economy in a significant reshuffle of her cabinet that boosts the roles of younger ministers. Sturgeon, the first minister, app...