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One in 20 children missed school in England due to Covid as cases rise 66%

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At least one in 20 children were absent from state schools in England because of Covid within the last week, as official figures reveal a 66% increase in the number of pupils with confirmed coronavirus infections. El...

Children are ‘vulnerable host’ for Covid as cases recede, US expert warns

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A US public health expert has warned that though cases of Covid-19 are at their lowest rates for months and much of the country is returning to normal life, young Americans are still “a vulnerable host” for the corona...

Indian cricket great Sachin Tendulkar contracts Covid-19 as cases surge

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India batting great Sachin Tendulkar said on Saturday he has contracted coronavirus and has mild symptoms, as infections continued to surge in the world’s second-most populated country. Tendulkar, who will turn 48 nex...